Replacing a generator in a 110 meter tall wind turbine?

Replacing a generator in a 110 meter tall wind turbine? MP wind has what it takes to do it. It happened in St Pierre de Maille, France. Olivier Dewez tells the story.

Precision work at 110 meters

Olivier Dewez: “We have a long-term service contract with a five wind turbines wind farm in the region of Charentes in France. A 2.5 MW Siemens Winergy generator appeared to have suffered some damage to the rotor and stator. One little problem: that wind turbine is 110 m tall! We had to dismount the damaged generator and replace it with a new one – all of that in very difficult circumstances, given the very narrow opening in the wind turbine nacelle and the weight of 9.5 tonnes of the generator.“ The team of MP Wind did the job in two days, a day for dismantling the existing generator and installation of the new one and one day to connect it and do the testing.


Experience and expertise in the wind energy sector

That MP Wind was able to do this job successfully and so quickly, has everything to do with our extensive experience in repair and overhaul of generators. This enables MP Wind to offer a total service package for generators. This package includes both Field Service (General inspections, Diagnosis and Revisions) and Repair & Maintenance (rewinding, stators and rotors, re-engineering).

Ready for the future

“With this job Maintenance Partners once again proves that it is ready for the future in the field of services to the wind energy sector. The technical tour de force in France gave us extra experience and knowledge on turnkey services to major components, which adds up to the preventive and corrective services we are already offering. Overall, it has been a great experience for our team, especially the cooperation with French colleagues and partners. And very encouraging for the future wind energy business of Maintenance Partners”, Oliver Dewez concludes.