Diagnostic Maintenance

Our field service teams carry out a wide variety of tests and measurements :

  • Vibration analysis
  • Laser alignment
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Oil analysis
  • Electrical analysis
  • Transformer analysis
  • Thermography / Infrared
  • Non-destructive tests (NDT – according to API RP 585, API RP 7G, ASNT SNT-TC-1A & ESC practices)

Vibration Analysis

Vibrations in a machine are generated by certain elements moving relatively to each other. These vibrations contain a lot of information about the condition of the machine and indicate whether there are problems or not. By performing a vibration analysis we can not only measure the severity of a particular problem, but in many cases, the exact location and cause of the problem.

  • Vibration analysis can detect the following malfunctions:
  • Imbalance
  • Alignment error
  • Eccentricity
  • Bearing condition
  • Condition of Gear Sets
  • Belt and Pulley condition
  • Mechanical looseness
  • Electromagnetically induced forces
  • Aerodynamically induced forces
  • Hydraulically induced forces
  • Resonance

Dielectric Analysis

Maintenance Partners is equipped to offer a wide range of measurements to determine as well the surface condition as the quality of the components of the stator insulation systems. Off-line and on-line testing are possible, even continuous on-line monitoring is possible.

  • Winding resistance measurements
  • Impedance tests
  • Surge testing
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Polarization index test
  • Step-voltage test
  • Dielectric absorption test
  • Tangent delta and capacitance measurements
  • Partial discharge analysis
  • Hi-pot test

Except the stator winding assessment, Maintenance Partners also offers the necessary tests and inspections to perform insulation condition measurements on salient pole and turbo rotors and stator core insulation systems.

  • Recurrent surge oscillation measurements
  • ELCID core tests

Dynamic Behaviour Analysis

Maintenance Partners’ diagnostic department has the capability to collect sufficient information by troubleshooting. This provides us a clear view of the cause of any damage in the rotating equipment such as unbalance, resonance, thermal bows, rub conditions, fluid instabilities, etc.

For thorough analysis of your installed base, Maintenance Partners has excellent analysis equipment, including the Bently Nevada ADRE 408. With this tool, we can simultaneously collect vibration information through 24 measurement channels at an exceptional vibration capturing speed. This feature is an amazing step forward and allows us to receive a perfect fingerprint of the dynamic behaviour of the rotor and the structure during a run up/coast down.


  • Collecting data during run-up and coast down of a machine train (ex. Turbine – Generator sets, compressors,…)
  • Determination of critical speeds and structural resonances
  • Determination of shaft position in the bearings,…
  • Powerful analysis tool (trouble shooting)
  • In Situ balancing of a complete machine train


Thermography, or thermal imaging, can be applied in electro technology, the processing industry and mechanical engineering. In mechanics it is mainly used as a supplementary technology for analysing rotating machines. During a thermographic inspection, the thermal images of invisible heat sources and/or heat losses are recorded. Using modern digital technology, the thermal image can show which parts require attention or need replacing.

Electrical Applications

  • Fuse Panel Inspection
  • Terminal Strip Inspection
  • Phase Load Check up
  • Stator Core Hot Spot investigation

Mechanical Applications

  • Motor cooling investigation
  • High temperature at bearing

In-situ balancing

Unbalance is one the most frequent problems in rotating equipment. In order to avoid an overhaul of the equipment, in-situ balancing often provides a solution. With a small number of runs we can localize and reduce the unbalance. In-situ balancing has a wide applicability area, from standard fans to large turbo machinery. For standard balancing jobs we use a normal portable data collector.

For more complex balancing jobs we switch to the Bently measure- and balance system. This system gives use the opportunity to reduce the vibration level at critical and operating speed. Besides this, we also have the capacity to reduce the amount of run up/coast downs with knowledge of the influence vectors. This reduces the downtime and loss of production of the installation when the unbalance occurs.

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