GEMEX belt tensioning system

The Gemex belt tensioning system is a hydraulically adjustable and mechanically lockable motor platform, which allows technicians to safely check and, if necessary, to adjust the belt‘s tension in the easiest and most efficient way. In approximately 5 minutes your belts are replaced, no realignment is needed. It will reduce your maintenance & energy costs and increase the life cycle of your equipment.

Gemex Belt Tensioning System

BenefitsGemex System Advantages 01

The Gemex hydraulic belt tensioning system is designed to be compatible with all designs and types of existing belt tensioning systems. The Gemex system is easy to use and comes with many benefits:


  • Improved/Increased
  • Easy Access
  • No tension on belt when replacing, a finger saver!
  • Online adjustable belt tension
  • Only hydraulic pump and hammer need for service and belt replacement

Energy Savings

  • 5 to 10% energy savings, thanks to better alignment
  • ROI between 1 and 3 years, depending on your specific application (the ROI can be less than 1 year if traditional tensioning systems require more than 1 belt change per year)


Ease of Maintenance

  • Belt replacement within 5 minutes
  • No re-alignment required
  • Easy access and maintenance
  • No special education necessary, everybody can use Gemex
  • Training for installation and service are available


Available for all applications

  • Installation possible on every existing frame, IEC or NEMA motor size
  • All types of belts (V-belts, timing belts, …)
  • Horizontal / vertical mounting position
  • Standard GEMEX applications or custom made 
  • All industries that use belt applications



Since 1998, over 10000 Gemex systems have been installed worldwide in all industries that use belt driven applications, like (petro)chemistry, pulp and paper, food, energy, pharmaceutics, steel, etc. Common examples of applications are: Centrifugal Fans, Fin Fans, Cooling Banks & Towers, Pumps, Compressors, Conveyors, Centrifuges & Mixers and Crushers. In addition, many belt tensioning systems have been customized to fit the customer’s needs and particular environment.


GEMEX compared to standard belt driven applications
Maintenance Partners Gemex - Traditional Bolt Tensioning Systems


As shown in the pictures above, traditional belt tensioning systems face a number of disadvantages:

Traditional Belt Tensioning Systems

Gemex Belt Tensioning System

◻️ Alignment after every belt change ✅ 1 time alignment
◻️ Difficulty of access ✅ Easy Gemex access, even in height
◻️ Time to change and (re-) adjust belts              ✅ Easy re-adjusting tension with Gemex
◻️ Scaffolding is often required ✅ Scaffolding, if needed, only with belt change
◻️ Life cycle of belts, pulleys and bearings ✅ With Gemex >3 years lifetime of belts, pulleys and bearings is possible
  ✅ Service free system

Gemex vs Traditional System Comparison

Maintenance Partners Gemex - Traditional vs Gemex Belt Tensioning System


Maintenance Partners Gemex - Traditional vs Gemex Belt Tensioning System2



The photo gallery below shows a selection of the systems that have been installed at Maintenance Partners’ customers:

EXTRA Service possibilities by GEMEX (MP)

  • Free assessment of all your belt driven applications, including maintenance advice on the related rotating equipment
  • Free optimal belt-tension calculation for any Gemex system
  • Gemex training for your local technicians in installation and maintenance/service
  • Gemex installation teams available for on-site installation
  • Gemex Service parts available, including delivery of pulleys, belts and other related parts

If you need assistance on any above, please contact us on Gemex (at) or fill in the contact form below.




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