Maintenance Partners Revisie en Reparatie van Generatoren 460Types of Generators

Maintenance Partners has built up decades of world-class expertise in repairing generators. We provide services on a broad range of equipment:

  • Salient pole and Turbo rotors
  • Emergency Power Units
  • From small (kVA) to large (MVA) power
  • High voltage and Low voltage
  • Air cooled up to Hydrogen cooled


Generator Services & Repairs

Our services range from standard inspections, revision and repair of generators to full (re)winding.

We can perform our services in our workshop or onsite. The best repair approach is selected in cooperation with the customer and the scope of a minor and major inspection is determined.

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Minor inspection

  • Disconnecting equipment and electrical insulation measurements
  • Check of temperature probes, heating system and instrument transformers
  • Visual inspection
  • Inspection of the coolers
  • Check of  rotating diodes, slip rings and excitation system
  • Check of grounding brushes

Major overhaul

Major overhaul can include the following tasks:

  • Detailed electrical measurements
  • Inspection the the winding insulation quality
  • Check and alignment of couplings
  • Measurements and inspections of bearings
  • Overhaul of the coolers
  • Extraction of the rotor
  • High pressure or cryogenic cleaning
  • Checking of the stator core
  • Antiflash painting
  • Resizing slip rings
  • Dynamic balancing of rotor
  • Maintenance of connected DC excitation machines
  • Operational tests onsite


Maintenance Partners has all knowledge and material for rewinding rotors as well as stators. The video below shows how a 15MVA ELIN generator rotor is rewound:

Testing Facilities

In our testing facilities we can assemble the rotor and the stator and lubricate the bearings and cool the generator.

During the unloaded testing, vibrations, bearing temperatures and electrical parameters are monitored.

Maintenance Partners Teststand

Onsite and in the testing facilities we perform the following specialised measurements:

  • 1 kHz winding inductance test
  • Dielectric absorption ratio
  • Step voltage test
  • Tangent delta – 50Hz and 0.1 Hz
  • Partial discharges – 50 Hz and 0.1 Hz
  • Recurrent Surge Oscillation (RSO)
  • Pole equality test

We can also check the no-load curve and the short circuit curve in our electrical testing facilities.

Final report 

The end report is drawn up after testing and contains measurements from before and after the repair. If possible, recommendations for operation and maintenance are included to improve the reliability of the generator.

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