Fixed Prices | LTSA | Bonus/Malus | Win/Win

Maintenance contracts are always tailor made, depending on the specific needs that the site or production facility has. Because of this, there are many different ways of cooperation available, varying from fixed prices (frame contracts), long term service agreements to bonus/malus contracts.

Furthermore, Maintenance Partners offers win/win contracts in which knowledge is shared, solutions for connectivity & SMART functions are offered and process improvements (cost & output) are investigated.

Operational | Support | Management

Contract management is divided into three domains: Operational, Support and Management:


The operational part of contracts includes day to day maintenance, improvements and projects. Depending on the level of cooperation between Maintenance Partners and the customer, contracts can include the following:

  • Repairs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
  • Engineered Services


Support in contracts can include Knowledge, IT and Finance. Knowledge covers training, learning on the job, sharing knowledge and knowledge management.

Interruption insurance and operational lease are included in Finance.

IT solutions such as a customer portal, connectivity and SMART solutions can also be included in our contracts.


The Management part of contracts follows the customers’ strategic vision on maintenance and can range from spare part management & asset management to  performance optimization.


Collaborating on a contractual basis offers the following benefits:

  • Safety
  • Equipment reliability & availability
  • Flexibility
  • Cost efficient solutions
  • Personal maintenance team
  • Assigned contact person / contract manager
  • Management of spare parts and/or assets

How we work | Contract proposal

Determining the maintenance needs is the first step in proposing a contract. In addition, the customer’s long term vision on availability and maintenance costs is also a key factor.

The customer’s needs on short and long term are compared to the support that Maintenance Partners can offer and this results in the contract proposal.


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