Industrial connectivity tool for turbomachinery

Our industrial connectivity tool uses hybrid models that combine Physical Models and historical Process Data with Online Condition Monitoring.

As an independent service provider, Maintenance Partners applies knowledge of equipment and its functionality with today’s possibilities in advanced monitoring and big data analytics.

This unique value proposition results in actionable intelligence that helps customers in making decisions related to machine optimization, re-design & improvements.


Hybrid Models

  • Using physical models provides a view on the asset behaviour (mechanical / dynamical – features)
  • Correlating the physical model with historical and real-time condition data monitors the asset from all angles
  • Our robust auto-learning estimates allow us to offer advanced condition monitoring



Currently, our industrial connectivity tool is available for the following types of turbomachinery:

  • Steam turbines
  • Centrifugal compressors
  • Synchronous E-machines



The benefits of using big data analytics for turbomachinery are numerous. Customers use our tools for the following:

  • 24/7 healthcare services results in an excellent troubleshooting support for the maintenance department
  • Predictions on remaining life-time of parts of the asset
  • Fine-tuned physical models lead to a more secured optimization plan. Spare parts management, material upgrades, etc…
  • Correlating process and equipment ; quick wins on energy savings in short terms



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