Safety and environmental requirements when supplying to MP

For the implementation of this delivery the supplier must comply with the provisions which apply directly to machines as work equipment which mainly reflected in Title VI “work equipment” of the Codex about well-being at work. This included the conversion of the European Council Directive 89/655/EEC “on the minimum safety and health requirements for the use of work equipment by workers at work at work”

As well as, the harmonised European standards in application of the machinery directive 2006/42/EC recast “essential” requirements. Further, under article 9 of chapter I of title VI of the Codex, the labour resources available to the employees be asked, on “economic” concept comply with all EU directives requirements that apply to them (CE mark…). Conformity must be confirmed in a declaration of conformity with the machine to deliver and with the CE-marking on the machine (display along with the statement a “presumption of conformity”).

Previous means that each delivery is to comply with the applicable Belgian law, regulations and rules on safety and hygiene as directed by Codex and the General regulations for the labour protection (ARAB).

Furthermore, where appropriate the European low voltage Directive 2006/95/EC and the updated version from 26 april 2016 2014/35/EU as well as the e.m.c. Directive 2004/108/EC and the updated version from 20 april 2016 2014/30/EC.

For the implementation of this order, the supplier is obliged to hand over these documents there at delivery:

  1. Certificate stating that the implementation/delivery corresponded to the requirements laid down in the order concerning safety and hygiene.
  2. A clear manual in the language of the user being Dutch or French depending on the part of the country as well as an English-language copy for use, maintenance, inspection and operation.
  3. The additional safety instructions in the national languages as described in section 2 above.

Please note: environmentally damaging products must always be equipped with the applicable MSDS sheets.