Welding Repairs

Welding repairs can be crucial when it comes to prolonging the lifetime of wear parts in various rotating machines. The meantime between failures of machines can be extended, leading to a reduction of production losses.

Welding repairs at Maintenance Partners

Maintenance Partners has a fully equipped welding department with qualified welders, material specialists and welding engineers.

This allows us to weld manually (TIG, Electrode, MIG-MAG) and to braze material. In addition, our welding robot is available for very constant and stable TIG and MIG-MAG welding of shafts up to a weight of 13 tons. 

Maintenance Partners’ welding department can weld in all positions which allows us to weld geometrically complex pieces.


Quality assurance thanks to inhouse Engineering department

Each welding repair that is executed by Maintenance Partners receives a follow up by qualified welding engineers. During and before the repair, NDT specialists check the welding quality using Dye Penetrant Inspection, Magnetic Fluorescent Inspection, ultrasonic inspections and PMI and hardness tests.



Our welding department has years of experience in various types of welding (including the application of stellite, crack repairs, brazing, …). Through the years, we have applied our welding repairs to many different machines and wear parts:

Shafts and rotors Impellers Rotary ovens Crane Grippers
Bearing journals Shredders, Breakers and Crushers Collectors Archimedes Screws and screw pumps
Rotary Valves Valves Wheels Dryers
Casings Decanters Mixers


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