Welcome to Howden Maintenance Partners

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Welcome to Howden Maintenance Partners

We are a growing company specialising in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of rotating industrial machinery, both electrical and mechanical. These include electric motors, pumps, gearboxes, generators, steam turbines, turbochargers, piston compressors and expanders. We operate at the customer’s premises or in one of our sites.


Part of Howden group

As of 30 April 2021, Maintenance Partners is a part of Howden. Howden was founded in 1854 by James Howden in Scotland as a marine engineering firm. In the meantime, Howden has become a world leader in the production of air and gas processing solutions. With the strength of our technical expertise and technology, our equipment plays an integral role in our customers’ processes, providing safe and reliable solutions that are both sustainable and efficient.
Howden supports multiple sectors, including infrastructure, power generation, oil and gas, wastewater, metals, mining and transportation.


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Specialised branches

Each of our sites has its own speciality. Our sites in Zwijndrecht, Ghent and Naninne each have extensive machinery and a flexible field service for maintenance on site at the customer.


Focuses on customers in East and Flanders and Zeeland. One of its specialisations is the overhaul of pumps and other rotating mechanical equipment.


This site, near Namur, focuses on maintenance for Walloon industry and specialises in the maintenance of electrical machines and transformers.


In Zwijndrecht, electrical and mechanical rotating machines of all sizes are overhauled. The rotor shop is also located in Zwijndrecht.


MP France was established in 2016 following the acquisition of Leroux & Lotz Turbomachines. The Nantes branch focuses mainly on the French market.


Diverse clientele at home and abroad

Maintenance Partners’ customers can be found in almost all branches of industry and all over the world! Working at MP means coming into contact with companies from various sectors such as energy, petrochemicals, steel, shipping, sugar, oil & gas and renewable energy.


Our company values

Our corporate culture sets us apart from others in the industry. Each Maintenance Partners employee embodies these six values


Our company

Our corporate culture sets us apart from other companies in the industry. Each Maintenance Partners employee embodies these six values:


Quality is at the heart of all our activities. Our people are selected according to their expertise, skills and drive and are also given the opportunity to continue developing their talents.


In both large and small projects, we are regularly confronted with unexpected situations. The employees of Maintenance Partners are expected to deal with this in a proper and smooth manner.


Working at Maintenance Partners means having respect for others. It is important to be open to other opinions: we can all learn from each other. Whoever notes abuse or negligence has a duty to intervene.


Standing still is going backwards. We expect the necessary dynamism from all of our employee to give the best of themselves every day, to look for points of improvement within processes and to point them out.


Renewal and innovation are at the heart of our existence. We want to play an international pioneering role as an innovator, partly by providing Engineered Services.


Passion for technology is in your genes. At Maintenance Partners, everyone gets the chance to exercise that passion. We are convinced that a driven, passionate employee always delivers quality.