New Equipment

When an initial inspection shows that a repair is not economically feasible, Maintenance Partners can offer you new equipment. This allows us to provide you with a complete solution, even when a replacement is required. We have agreements with various manufacturers and distributors of rotating equipment and can supply:

  • Electric motors
  • Mechanical seals
  • Pumps
  • Gearboxes
  • Gemex

Supply of new Electric Motors

We supply new electric motors of any brand, such as WEGABB, Svend Høyer, Rotor, TECO and Ansaldo. This allows us to provide you with new electro motors in any segment and type.

Maintenance Partners Authorized Service Center for WEG Motors 900Certified Service Center for WEG

Maintenance Partners has been certified as Service Center for WEG . This certification means that Maintenance Partners is an authorized repair workshop for:

  • Induction Squirrel Cage HV Motors
  • Synchronous Machines and Generators
  • DC Motors
  • Field Service

This cooperation guarantees that repairs performed by MP meet WEG’s quality standards. Besides this, short lead times and OEM spare part supply are guaranteed.

In addition, Maintenance Partners can also supply new WEG motors, generators and gearboxes.

International Efficiency: IE3?

IE3? According to EU regulation 640/2009, new electro motors rated between 7.5kW and 375kW should be delivered as IE3 Premium Efficiency class as of January 1 2015. There are a number of exceptions, such as ATEX motors, DC motors, submersible motors, integrated motors and brake motors.

IE3 class motors offer improved efficiency over IE1 and IE2 motors, without compromising performance. Contact your MP sales representative for more advice about selecting the right motor for your application.

Standard Motors

  • Aluminium motors (power: 0.055-95 kW / Sizes: 56-280)
  • Cast iron motors (power: 0.25-250 kW / Sizes: 71-355)
  • IE2, IE3 (including VSD)

Process Performance Motors

  • Aluminium motors (power: 4-90 kW / Sizes: 112-280)
  • Cast iron motors (power: 0.25-710 kW / Sizes: 71-400)

Motors for explosive environments

  • Execution according to EN/IEC
  • Explosion safety (EEx d, EEx de)
  • Non-Sparkling (EEx nA, Ex nA)
  • Increased safety (EEx e)
  • Dust Ignition Proof (IP 65, IP 55)
  • ATEX certified


In some cases, new motors need to be adjusted to suit specific customer needs. Common adjustments include application of coating, changing flanges, installation of PTCs and installation of additional (external) cooling. We also provide improvements to make electro motors more “seaworthy”, this allows motors to withstand the harsh conditions at sea and improve lifetime and reliability.

Gemex Belt Tensioning SystemGemex System Advantages 03

The Gemex hydraulic belt tensioning system is designed to be compatible with all designs and types of existing belt tensioning systems. The Gemex system is easy to use and comes with many benefits:

  • Energy Savings
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Available for all applications


For more information on the new equipment that Maintenance Partners can offer, please contact us at +32(0)3 800 5581.