Certified Service Partner for WEG

WMaintenance Partners Authorized Service Center for WEG Motors 900e are happy to announce that Maintenance Partners has been certified as Service Center for WEG as of 14/03/2016. This certification means that Maintenance Partners is an authorized repair workshop for:

  • Induction Squirrel Cage HV Motors
  • Synchronous Machines and Generators
  • DC Motors
  • Field Service

This cooperation guarantees that repairs performed by MP meet WEG’s quality standards. Besides this, short lead times and OEM spare part supply are guaranteed.

In addition, Maintenance Partners can also supply new WEG motors, generators and gearboxes.

Maintenance Partners WEG Motors Certified Service Center C

About WEG

The Brazilian company WEG was founded in 1961 and supplies a broad range of electro motors, generators, transformers, gearboxes and drives. Read all about WEG at the website: http://www.weg.net/be


If you have any questions regarding repairs or delivery of WEG equipment, please contact us at +32(0)3 5417 140