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Maintenance Partners provides services on a broad range of pump types, for example:

All Brands of Pumps

As an independent service provider, we are able to provide services for any brand or manufacturer of pumps, including:

ACEC, Alfa Laval, Allweiler, Andritz, Bornemann, Bran + Luebbe, Byron Jackson, David Brown Pumps, DB Union, Dresser, Ebara, Ensival-Moret, Finder, Flowserve, Gardner Denver, Habermann, Hayward Tyler, Herborner, Hermetic, Houttuin, Ingersoll-Rand, Johnson, KSB, lowara, Maag, Metso, Mitsubishi, Nash, Roots, Ruhrpumpen, Sihi, Sterling, Sterling, Stork, Sulzer, Torishima, Victor, Vogel, Vogelsang, Wedapump, Weir, Worthington, …

Pump Services

Our services range from standard inspections and repairs to complete overhauls. A repair or overhaul of a pump generally consists of an Inspection, Repair/Modification and a final Report.

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The first step when repairing any pump is the inspection. Pump inspections include:

  • Visual inspection
  • Measuring axial positions and clearances
  • Disassembly + visual inspection of parts
  • Dimensional measurements
  • Check of probes and sensors (if present)
  • Oil sampling & check

When the inspection is finished, an inspection report is drawn up with recommendations for repair.

Execution of works

Maintenance Partners - Pumps 03After approval of the recommendations for repair, the execution of the repair / overhaul works begins. The scope of work may vary, but can include:

  • Cleaning & steaming
  • Sandblasting
  • Preparation of technical drawings for machining by in-house engineering team
  • Machining of parts (bearing housings, rotors, …)
  • Balancing of rotating parts
  • Coating of rotating parts
  • Manufacturing of seal sleeves
  • Assembly
  • Pressure testing with water, diesel or oil (depending on pump application)
  • Coating of exterior
  • Final testing

Final report

Maintenance Partners - Pumps 04The final report is written after testing and includes measurements from before and after the repair. When possible, recommendations for operating, inspecting and maintenance are also included, resulting in more reliable operations and less unforeseen breakdowns.

Further reading:

Working example of 200 pump units

The improvements have been realised within a contract in which maintenance activities & tasks have been defined and rates have been agreed for standard overhauls. The contract concerns 200 centrifugal pump units with motor drives between 30 and 400kW.

The API pump units have been operating for 5-8 years in a petrochemical environment. The site is a Seveso facility where Atex regulations apply. Maintenance Partners’ maintenance approach has resulted in a cost reduction by 50% while the availability has been increased by a factor of 3!

Learn how we reduced maintenance costs while increasing availability at this page.

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