Durability Improvements for Vacuum Pumps

Fouling is a common problem that affects vacuum pumps, resulting in unbalance, vibrations and reduced flow.

Besides this, vacuum pumps can be damaged by cavitation and aggressive or acid liquids. After sandblasting, the damage to the rotor is clearly visible:

These problems have a negative impact on the pump’s reliability and expected lifetime. This can lead to unexpected outages. To keep vacuum pumps running, a good maintenance approach is a must.

Maintenance Partners offers a variety of services such as inspections, overhauls and durability improvements for vacuum pumps:

Services | Overhauls & Repairs

A repair or overhaul of a pump generally consists of an Inspection, Repair/Modification and a final Report.

A standard overhaul at Maintenance Partners consists of:

  • dismantling
  • cleaning
  • inspection
  • Measuring clearances and dimensions
  • Replacing bearings, seals & parts
  • Assembly
  • Painting
  • Final control

In case the pump is damaged, Maintenance Partners can cover all required repairs:

  • Chemical cleaning of pump
  • Coating of pump parts
  • Balancing of rotor
  • Polishing & redressing bearing place, sealing glands on both sides
  • Welding and machining of bearing places on both sides

Services | Improved Durability

To prevent unplanned outages, most of our customers choose to apply an anti-fouling coating on the inside of the pump during an overhaul. This coating has a very smooth surface which reduces the chance of fouling. Moreover, the coating offers an improved protection against wear and tear.

Besides this, Maintenance Partners can apply hard wearing material to the bearing places.

In general, our customers experience that these improvements can double the meantime between failures for vacuum pumps.



Why Maintenance Partners?

As an independent service provider, Maintenance Partners is familiar with all types and brands, including:
NASH | Gardner Denver | Sterling-SIHI | Dekker | Atlas Copco | Graham | Samson | Siemens | Tuthill | …

Thanks to the experience and know how, Maintenance Partners offers a full alternative to the OEM, with the following benefits:

  • Price
  • Lead time and flexibility
  • Improved durability

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