Long Term Service Agreements for Steam Turbine Generator sets

A company that operates steam turbine generator sets (STG) relies on the stability of their assets to assure the continuity the plant’s activities. To assure this continuity, steam turbine generator sets need, as all equipment does, to be maintained regularly to prevent issues that could lead to breakdowns. For this purpose, Maintenance Partners has developed a specific Long-Term Service Agreement for steam turbine generator sets that unburdens the client completely.

Moreover, long term service agreements can be tailored to suit the needs of our customers. 



An LTSA is an agreement between MP and the customer that can run for 3, 6, 10 or more years for the maintenance of the complete steam turbine, gearbox and generator. All the maintenance that needs to be done on the turbine-generator set during this period is included, such as the minor or major overhauls and the annual inspections.

In case of unforeseen problems, LTSA customers have the advantage that MP knows the installation very well and that MP can intervene quickly. Response times in case of emergency can also be defined in the LTSA.

Generally, the supply of spare parts is also included in an LTSA. This offers customers the convenience of knowing in advance what the lead times and prices are for spare parts that are critical for maintaining the turbine-generator.


MP Connectivity (available separately)

MP Connectivity is a package that synchronizes connections to all relevant turbine equipment (eg. turbine controller, process PLC, electric protections, excitation system, vibration monitoring). It also establishes a connection to a cloud based database where historical data is recorded.

MP Connectivity’s very high data acquisition rate of 100 ms allows troubleshooting for advanced trips and failures by our experienced turbine and generator specialists.


Available after 2021: 24/24 Helpdesk (only in combination with MP Connectivity and LTSA)

When MP Connectivity is set up, the LTSA can also be extended with a 24/24 helpdesk service: a dedicated department that is available 24/7. This means that – even at night – a 24/24 Helpdesk client can contact MP and an engineer can remotely access the control panel of the steam turbine generator in case unexpected problems occur.

Based on the information gained from this platform, the MP-engineer can give instructions to the local operators on how to fix the problem, ensure continuity and decrease revenue losses. This service truly connects MP support to the client at any time, even when the MP staff is not present on site.


P4A (available separately)

P4A is a predictive system that checks and follows up on the main parameters such as temperature, vibration, performance, etc. of the turbine and generator. P4A can be bought as a standalone service, but can also be used combination with MP Connectivity.

The system correlates data and warns in advance when problems will occur so they can be prevented instead of cured, which again is more cost effective for the client and simply more efficient. P4A offers:

  • Big Data Collection
  • Statistical Correlations between relevant parameters
  • Efficiency Calculation Model
  • Study of Historical Data
  • Dashboards to visualize data
  • Predictive Maintenance


Customer Benefits

An LTSA is, apart from the certainty that a steam turbine generator set is well looked after, also a cost-effective partnership. For the running of the agreement the pricing is fixed. That way the owner can take his mind of his steam turbine and count on MP to keep it maintained.

  • Clear view of costs during LTSA contract period (minor/major overhauls & inspections)
  • MP Connectivity
  • 24/7 Service support
  • Predictive Maintenance

Signing a long-term agreement with MP means stepping into a partnership with a company that is as professional as it is reactive. Thanks to the well-equipped workshop and the state of the art technology Maintenance Partners manages to continuously offer the all-round service the customers are used to from their partner in maintenance.



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