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By acquiring Leroux & Lotz Turbomachines (now MP France) in 2016, Maintenance Partners has gained years of expertise and experience on Alstom TM, TM2 and HTM steam turbines.


Experience & Know-how – Full alternative to OEM

Throughout the years, Maintenance Partners France has performed many Alstom steam turbine overhauls. As a result, MP has massive knowledge of various types such as:

Type Year  of construction           Output 
Alsthom SOGET 1970 to 1996 1 to 32 MW
Alstom TM 1980 to 2004 1 to 6,8 MW
Alstom TM2 1986 to 2005 4 to 55 MW
Alstom HTM 1996 to 2000 36 to 76 MW

For these types of Alstom steam turbines, Maintenance Partners offers OEM quality support with the flexibility of an independent service provider.

Reverse Engineering & Manufacturing of Alstom Spare Parts

Thanks to our in-house engineering team, Maintenance Partners provides complete reverse engineering support for Alstom TM, TM2 and HTM turbine parts. We have all the capabilities required for the reverse engineering and improving of any part, from stop valve, inlet control valve, blade carriers, blade, peripherical honeycomb seal, carbon seal, oil seal, thrust bearing & journal bearing.

After reception in our facilities, a comprehensive non destructive inspection is carried out. Incoming inspections can include material analysis and dye penetrant-, ultrasonic- or magnetic particle testing. After NDT, a report and a repair proposal are made.

Depending on the needs and application, the proposal can also include modifications and upgrades to improve durability and efficiency. The proposed optimizations are always based on process, operational and maintenance data.

Manufacturing of spare parts

The state of art equipment in our workshop allows us to manufacture high quality spare parts in our own facilities with significantly reduced lead times:




Why choose MP?

All spare parts are manufactured according to the most stringent standards and are 100% compatible. In addition, we combine the highest standards of turbo machinery knowledge with an in-depth understanding of material specifications, manufacturing standards and tolerances:

  • Fast delivery
  • In-house engineering
  • In-house manufacturing
  • In-house high speed balancing
  • Onsite installation & commissioning

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