Maintenance, Rewinding & Complete Renewal of LDPE autoclave reactor motors

In the manufacturing of LDPE (low-density polyethylene) using the autoclave process, stirrer motors (or chemical reactor vessel motors) are critical to the production. Breakdowns immediately result in economic and production losses. Maintenance Partners has decades of experience in repairing and rewinding LDPE autoclave reactor motors for leading LPDE manufacturers throughout the world.

Our extensive know how and engineering capabilities ensure that the optimal repair methods are selected at all times and that the stirrer motors perform according to specifications.

Harsh conditionsMaintenance Partners - LPDE Autoclave Reactor Motor - Before Repair

 An LDPE autoclave reactor is a particularly harsh environment in which the stirrer motor is submerged in liquid ethylene. The stirrer motor is used to mix the LDPE inside the reactor vessel. Inside the reactor vessel, pressures up to 2000 bar are required to achieve optimal conditions for the production of LDPE at the desired flow. Temperatures inside the reactor reach up to 290°C at the bottom zone. These conditions are extremely tough and challenge the lifetime of all components.


Maintenance Partners - LPDE Autoclave Reactor Motor - Damaged BearingCommon Problems

Bearing Failures

To prevent any oil or lubricants from polluting the product, the motor itself is cooled and lubricated by injected gasses. The downside of this lubrication method is that the lifetime of the bearings is reduced significantly. Thus, bearing failures are common causes for breakdowns of stirrer motors.


Due to the combination of high pressure and temperature, the LDPE autoclave process is prone to decomposition. Decomposition can be triggered by events in the production process. In case of decomposition, the product explodes, followed by a rapid pressure drop when the safety valve opens to release the product. The explosion and the pressure drop can severely damage a stirrer motor and a full inspection is advised to ensure reliable performance of the electric motor.


Services MP – From Preventive & Curative maintenance to complete renewal

Preventive Maintenance

As stirrer motors are critical to the production process, preventive maintenance is inevitable to safeguard a reliable operation. Stirrer motors are swapped regularly with spare motors when the product is changed. Motors that have been replaced can be checked preventively. This includes electric and vibration measurements, a check of the winding for looseness and a bearing replacement.

Curative Maintenance – Rewinding

In case the motor does breakdown, Maintenance Partners is fully equipped to repair and rewind autoclave reactor motors. Maintenance Partners offers to rewind reactor motors with diamond coils. The insulation material and resin used by MP have been thoroughly tested and approved for use with ethylene gas and can withstand the conditions inside the autoclave.

Complete Renewal

More severe damages may require a partial or entire renewal of the motor. Maintenance Partners offers the renewal of key components of the electric motor such as the stator core, the casing and the rotor. The time to rebuild a motor is usually a lot shorter than the lead time required to order a new motor. As these motors are critical to the production process, many customers prefer rebuilding the motor when possible.

Engineered Services – Improved Reliability & Durability

A repair is the perfect moment for improvements to the motor, we do so by applying high quality materials, improving designs and evaluating the functionality within the process.

Our Engineered Services vision is based on the idea that maintenance and reliability solutions for rotating equipment are the foundation for improving reliability, output and efficiency of the production process.

Depending on the product and process, the most fitting materials and components for the application are selected by our in-house Engineering department in agreement with the customer. This results in a tailor made maintenance approach that is aimed to improve the reliability and durability of the equipment within the customer’s specific process.

Your benefits

Maintenance Partners provides a full solution for autoclave reactor motors that offers the following benefits:

  • Decades of experience in stirrer motor repairs for clients around the world
  • 1 partner for maintenance, repair and rebuilding motors
  • Expert team of electrical engineers
  • Tailor made solutions for your application

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