12-day Pit Stop Overhaul of Thermodyn Steam Turbine, Gearbox & Generator

A waste to energy plant selected MP for the major overhaul of a 18MW Thermodyn steam turbine. Maintenance Partners’ short lead time and the ability to take care of the entire shaft (steam turbine, gearbox and generator) convinced the customer to award the contract to MP.

12-day Pit Stop steam turbine overhaul

Careful planning of works onsite and preparations in MP’s workshop allowed for a significant reduction of time needed to complete the major overhaul. Only 12 calendar days were required from turning gear to turning gear. Teams of 6 specialists worked 24/7 on the overhaul to ensure that the job was finished in time.


The original scope included a major overhaul of the steam turbine, gearbox and generator. In addition, the steam turbine rotor also required high speed balancing.

Earlier inspections showed that the spindle and bushing had to be replaced. To ensure availability of the material, all raw material was ordered in advance. After disassembly, MP’s engineers re-engineered the spindle and bushing and the parts were manufactured in the workshop.

During the major overhaul, damage to four valve seats was found. The damaged valve seats were exchanged. Besides this, the final (low pressure) blade stage was damaged. The blades were repaired by welding in MP’s workshop.

The exchange and repairs were completed without any delays in the 12-day planning.Maintenance Partners 18MW Thermodyn Steam Turbine Major Overhaul - Rotor HSB 920

Result – Innovation Plan

Thanks to the 12-day pit stop overhaul, our customer’s production losses were kept to a minimum. The customer was very satisfied with the works performed and has awarded MP a technical call out agreement for future interventions.

To improve the steam turbine’s reliability, the customer and MP are cooperatively working on an innovation plan for the availability improvement of the Thermodyn steam turbine.

In order to achieve the improvements, Maintenance Partners will use its Engineered Services to evaluate all aspects of the machine and determine were improvements can be made.

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