Maintenance Contracts for Wind Turbines & Performance Optimization

Wind Field ServiceIn cooperation with seebaWIND Service, Maintenance Partners offers LTSA maintenance contracts for wind turbines. These contracts are based on availability guarantees and performance improvements.

‘’The Premium Plus service contracts offer optimal LTSA maintenance to the German market’’ explains seebaWIND Service CEO Severin Mielimonka. ‘’Run to failure belongs to the past as Premium Plus allows complete predictive maintenance’’.

Maintenance Partners’ WINTELL intelligent data management system links all production, reliability and weather data and makes early prediction of disorders, failures and performance deviations possible. “With the help of WINTELL we can increase yields, improve the availability of the wind turbines and allow operation over the 20 years to come” says Mielimonka.

SeebaWIND Service handles the 24/7 monitoring of the wind turbines via their remote control center. On top they take care of preventive and corrective maintenance including spare parts. Maintenance Partners is taking care of all main components, covers machine breakdown, wear and tear and business interruption costs. Both companies create added value by utilizing the Wintell system and in-depth analysis of historical data of the windturbine controller.


Long-term revenue optimization

The first joint Maintenance Partners-seebaWIND Service Premium Plus project in Germany has been launched on April 1 2014 in Neuengörs in Schleswig-Holstein.

The wind farm that was commissioned in 2001 consists of six turbines of type Senvion MD70 (formerly REpower ) with a total of nine megawatts. All wind turbines have been upgraded with the WINTELL data management system. Through real-time data access, all data supplied by WINTELL will be monitored accurately.

The second step in the project is the optimization of systems to improve efficiency. In this phase seebaWIND service plans a site-specific optimization of systems to improve efficiency. “The Premium Plus LTSA maintenance contract by seebaWIND Service and Maintenance Partners has given us the new approach that convinces with a very transparent and predictive maintenance” says Joachim Fröhlich from Denker und Wulf AG, the company that takes care of the wind farm’s technical operation. “The concept is to operate the plants as long as possible.”

Maintenance Partners and seebaWIND Service have cooperated for projects in other European countries, including France and Spain, since 2013. “With seebaWIND service, we have found a partner that is service-oriented, responds quickly, solves problems, and has the necessary technical competence” says Pascal Collin, Business Development Manager at Maintenance Partners’ Wind Department.


For more information on our maintenance contracts or our Wintell system, please contact us at +32 (0)3 744 1501 or by using our contact page.