How well do you know your wind turbines?

Being the owner or operator of a wind farm, regardless of the long-term contract you have, you should be able to know in what state your turbines are, how much they are going to produce and what benefits you will receive from that production.

But are you sure that you know what’s going on in your machines now and in the future? Does your O & M tells you everything you need to know to estimate future costs in a better way?

Many wind turbine owners have an availability higher than 97%, is this enough? When production declines, can you be sure it is due to a “bad wind year” or are there other hidden causes? Don’t you think your machine could be producing more?

The world of wind turbine maintenance is changing and at Maintenance Partners we are anticipating these changes:

WINTELL: Turning your Data into Profits

Any small deviation in turbine operation inevitably generates a loss of production affecting cost-effectiveness.

Over the years, we have developed our concept of Engineered Services aiming to go far beyond than maintenance of rotating machines. To support this philosophy, we have developed a platform able to anticipate problems that can occur on WTGs: a complete platform providing a unique set of scalable web services to manage and optimize the critical assets.

The result of the collaboration between companies and universities, after years of work and an investment of more than 6 million euros, is the WINTELL ASSET PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLATFORM, which we are proud to present today.

Do not let chance control your wind turbines

With the WINTELL ASSET PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLATFORM, Maintenance Partners can tell you if your machine produces everything it can, everything it should and when it does it.

WINTELL provides you with all necessary information the state of the big components in detail and thanks to the system, we can correct the slightest deviations in production. This allows you to increase the profitability of your wind farm.

Unlike other platforms on the market, the Wintell system is a complete tool for:

✔ ️Industrial equipment connection to a centralized infrastructure

✔ Prediction of both Performance drifts and failure/degradations of equipment

✔️ Reduction of maintenance costs through Condition Based Maintenance programs

✔️ Performance optimization and Operational costs reduction

✔ Accurate wind and production forecast

Wintell allows you to take full control of your machine!

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