First IECEx-03 certified workshop in Belgium

As of August 13 2013, Maintenance Partners Belgium has obtained IECEx-03 certification for repairs of electrical and mechanical Ex rotating equipment.  Big news, as Maintenance Partners Belgium is the first company in Belgium to obtain the IECEx-03 certifcate.

 The MP The Netherlands workshop Rotterdam has been IECEx-03 certified since 2011.


IECEx-03, what does it mean?

Ex environments are usually located near flammable fluids, vapers gasses or flammable dust in quantities that are sufficient to cause a fire or explosion. In these environments, the use of Ex equipment is necessary to ensure safe operations.

During the certification process, the Zwijndrecht workshop was audited on the competences of employees and the workshop. In addition, internal and external audits regularly monitor the follow op of the IECEx-03 standard.

By obtaining this certification, the Zwijndrecht workshop has become an IECEx-03 Certified Service Facility. This means that all types of rotating equipment (electrical and mechanical, regardless of make or brand) can be maintained, overhauled or repaired according to strict regulations and in a safe way. Besides this, the IECEx-03 certificate is also valid for works on site at our customers.

Protection Methods

The IECEx-03 certificate allows Maintenance Partners to repair equipment that has been certified according to the following protection methods

  • Ex e       Increased Safety
  • Ex d       Flameproof Enclosure
  • nA          Non Sparking
  • Ex c        Constructional safety
  • Ex b       Monitoring of ignition sources
  • Ex fr       Limitation of flow (gas-tight enclosure)
  • Ex k        Liquid immersion
  • Ex p       Pressure
  • Ex tD     Protection by enclosure
Repairs of Ex equipment? The IECEx-03 standard ensures maintenance is performed according to strict standards. Electrical as well as Mechanical Ex equipment.

Where can Ex equipment be found?

Ex equipment can be found in many industries, including the following:

  • Gas distribution
  • Sugar
  • Wastewater and sludge treatment
  • Offshore platforms
  • Oil refineries
  • Chemistry
  • Grain and coal handling
  • Energy

Why IECEx-03?

The objective of the IECEx System is to facilitate international trade in equipment and services for use in explosive atmospheres, while maintaining the required level of safety. The IECEx-03 standard has been developed because users of ATEX equipment should prove that maintenance is performed by competent personnel.

For LV and HV electrical motors and generators, Maintenance Partners Belgium is already certified by ISSEP and ABB. The ISSEP certification is valid in Belgium and the ABB certificate is valid for equipment manufactured by ABB. Besides this, there are also a number of differences between ATEX and IECEx (for example, regulated by industry, certified workshops, valid outside Europe).

The IECEx-03 certifcate is an internationally recognized standard and is not limited to any type of equipment or brand. As a result, the existing certifications for explosive environments are complemented, this expands the range of Maintenance Partners’ services on Ex equipment.

Certainty & Safety

The IECEx-03 standard for Certified Service Facilities provides users of ATEX equipment the certainty that maintenance is always carried out according to the standard and by competent personnel. The safety of the equipment is therefore also ensured after repair.

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