Cookie Policy

Types of cookies used on this website
When you visit the website, we may install
different kinds of cookies: functionality cookies and, depending on your choices,
performance cookies or targeting cookies (related to social networks).

Functionality cookies
Functionality cookies enable you to browse the site and use its essential features,
such as secure areas on the site. These cookies do not collect any information that
could be used for marketing or targeted ad purposes.
Performance cookies
These cookies are used to establish statistics and reports that track usage of website (sections and content visited, duration of
connection to the site, the number of error messages that occur). We use this
information to improve the content and usability of our services as well as to test new

This website also uses Google Analytics, Google Inc.’s (“Google”) web traffic
analytics service. Google Analytics uses cookies to help the site understand how
visitors use it. The data generated by the cookies concerning your use of the site
(including your IP address) will be sent to Google and stored by Google on servers
located in the United States.

Cookies related to the use of social networks – Targeting cookies
So-called targeting cookies are linked to services provided by third parties, such as
“like” and “share” buttons. They are used to provide you with services or to
remember your sharing preferences with social networks.

The social network that provides such buttons are able to use it to identify you, even
if you have not used the button while browsing on our website. In fact, this kind of
button can be used by the social network in question to understand your browsing
habits on our site, even though you have done nothing more than keep your social
network account open on your device while visiting our site.

We have no control over the process used by social networks to collect information
about your browsing habits on our site and linked to the personal data about you that
they possess. We recommend that you read the privacy protection policies of these
social networks so that you understand how and by whom – in particular advertisers –
the information about your browsing that they are able to obtain thanks to these
application buttons is used . These privacy policies should allow you to choose and
set your own parameters for each of these social networks.

Management of cookies used on the site

You can configure your web browser in such a way as to ensure that cookies are
either stored on your device or, on the contrary, not stored (i.e., blocked), always or
depending on the issuer. You can also configure your browser software so that you
are asked each time for cookie permissions — i.e., whether or not you want to store
or refuse the cookies that are sent to you.
Internet Explorer™
All cookies stored prior to your parameter settings modification will remain on your
computer. You can delete them using your browser settings.

You may disable the Google Analytics performance cookies by downloading and
then installing the browser plugin.

To disable social networks cookies:
Please consult the cookie use policy of each of the social networks concerned so
that you can make the appropriate choices for each one by setting the parameters of
your choosing with individual networks.