Generator Maintenance

  • Alternating Current
  • Direct Current
  • Medium voltage
  • High Voltage
  • Overhauling and coiling of generators of any brand or make
  • Manufacturing of high voltage coils in any desired insulation class
  • VPI impregnation
  • Supply and repair of commutators and friction ring bodies
  • Balancing according ISO standard 1940/1
  • Repair of rotors and shafts
  • Loaded and unloaded testing


  • Unloading the generator in the workshop and visual inspection
  • of its condition upon receipt
  • Electrical measuring of th generator
  • Dismantling the generator
  • Cleaning all parts
  • Drying the cleaned parts
  • Checking the bearing fittings for measurements and clearances
  • Replacing the bearings
  • Replacing the seals
  • Compose an inspection report
  • Check the dimensions and conditions of the new parts
  • Re-building the generator
  • Electric measuring of the generator
  • Testing the generator at no load
  • Spray painting