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New MHI forklifts for Maintenance Partners!

Last week the new forklifts were delivered at the Zwijndrecht Workshop. The previous generation forklifts had to be replaced and, with regards to health and environment, our preference was to select new electric powered forklifts.


After an analysis of different alternatives on the market, the best solution could be found in our own group. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ forklifts met all our demands and use the latest technologies. Besides this, the MHI forklifts are low maintenance, resulting in more reliable machines than our previous forklifts.

The new forklifts will result in an improvement in terms of safety, health and environment. More info can be found at De Ronde en Drubbel’s website.

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Reciprocating Compressor Maintenance from A-Z

Earlier this year we were contacted by a refinery about a failing reciprocating compressor. This reciprocating compressor is a critical part of customer’s production process, so every unplanned shutdown leads to losses in production.

Zuigercompressor 590


Maintenance Partners proposed to perform an audit on the reciprocating compressor to determine the cause of failing. During these audits, vibration measurements, visual inspections and checks of the compressor’s foundation are performed. Besides this, the maintenance planning, technical data and use of wearable parts are reviewed. These comprehensive compressor audits allow us to draw up the compressor’s condition and propose potential solutions.

The audit showed that an overhaul of the reciprocating compressor was necessary to prevent wear of  moving parts and auxiliaries would lead to an unplanned shutdown. Additionally, it was advised to renew the compressor’s foundation.

To ensure continuous operation, the customer decided to schedule the overhaul and foundation renewal in this autumn.

Urgent overhaul: Back in operation after 28 days

A regular check after the audit showed that the maximum allowed vibrations were exceeded, caused by a failing foundation. Action on short notice was required to prevent a breakdown of the reciprocating compressor. The scheduled overhaul was performed 4 months earlier than originally planned. Within a month, the major overhaul and foundation renewal were completed and the reciprocating compressor was back in operation after 28 days.

Extension of Maintenance Intervals

Meanwhile, possibilities are evaluated to extend the time between maintenance intervals from 8000 running hours to 16000 running hours. This extension can be achieved by upgrading wearable parts, adjusting filter systems and installing condition monitoring equipment. For the customer, this means that the reciprocating compressor can be kept in operation longer, resulting directly in increased production.

One-stop-shop for reciprocating compressor maintenance

This case shows that Maintenance Partners can offer total solutions for reciprocating compressor maintenance, from performing audits to full overhauls and proposals for reliability improvement. Besides overhauls, field works and audits you can also contact us for foundation renewals, diagnostic maintenance, condition monitoring and spare parts. Our services are not limited to a single brand or make, we can work on any brand of reciprocating compressor.

Spare Parts

It is often difficult to find the right spare parts for reciprocating compressors. Moreover, finding spare parts gets more difficult as the equipment gets older. In many cases, the original parts can not be delivered within the required planning.

A solution for this problem can be offered by re-engineering, in addition this can also allow for improvements to the original part. In our engineering department, we have combined all the necessary knowledge and expertise to perform projects like these completely, from drawing to part manufacturing. This allows us to deliver spare parts with shorter lead times and a high quality.

Partnership Burckhardt Compression

To further extend our services, we have signed a partnership with the Swiss Burckhardt Compression. This partnership certifies Maintenance Partners as an Authorized Service Provider for Burckhardt reciprocating compressors in Belgium. This grants us access to OEM wearable parts and engineering support. In addition, we can repair valves, stuffing boxes and compartment seals according to OEM specifications.

Contact us

Are you interested in an audit of a reciprocating compressor or are you looking for possibilities to increase the time between maintenance intervals? Contact us via +32(0)3 744 1501 or through the contact form below:

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Engineering: 12MW motor like new

MP builds complete 12MW stator12MW Stator Maintenance Partners

Maintenance Partners shows its engineering capabilities by building a new stator for a motor that drives a hyper compressor at Sabic’s plant in Geleen (Netherlands). Frank Claus, Technical manager – engineering department, who followed up the project technically and commercially:  »In Sabic’s production process a hyper compressor is used with a pressure of >2000 bar.

The project concerns a synchronous motor that is DC powered and runs at 187,5 RPM constantly. Measurements one year prior to the stator swap showed that the rotor was still in good condition, but the stator proved to be in very poor condition.  »We got the order to build and install a new stator », says Frank.


10 months from engineering to realisation

In 10 months time a completely new stator was built from engineering to realisation by an extensive team. During the rewinding, the the new stator was built. The works were supervised by the Dutch KEMA-DEKRA.

 »This concerned a motor with an Ex n certification, a ‘non-sparking motor’. KEMA could provide the Ex n certification, because the new stator is fully compliant with the orinial specifications.  An absolute must to get the job ».


Reverse engineering

The winding of the stator required one of Maintenance Partners’ specialties: reversed engineering.  »There were original drawings, says Frank,  »but there was no data available on the windings. During a shutdown to extend the motor’s lifetime, we recorded all the necessary data. »

The transport to Sabic’s facilities in Geleen proved to be a challenge, due to the large external dimensions: 6.30m tall, 5.20m wide and a depth of 1.5m. During a planned shutdown, the stator was loaded and transported to Sabic.

Spectacular installation

Maintenance Partners had 14 days to install the new stator. During the installation, a group of 7 worked in two shifts around the clock. The rotor and the existing stator (combined weight of 65-70T) had to be lifted simultaneously. After this, the old stator had to be replaced by the new one and everything had to be assembled. A special lifting plan was drawn up, because the roof had to be removed before the machine could be lifted.

During the installation of the new stator, the team noticed that the motor’s exciter was in bad condition. Because the exciter is essential for the motor to run, the decision was made to rewind the exciter in the Zwijndrecht workshop during the shutdown.

Despite this unforeseen problem, the exciter rotor was rewound within a week without delaying the original installation planning of the project.


Energy Savings

Measurements conducted by Sabic show that the new stator’s power consumption is reduced by 450kW per hour at full load. The energy savings were realised by using the best available materials and by an improved stacking of the magnetic stator core. This has increased the density of the core, resulting in improved efficiency.


Team Effort

The project went really smoothly thanks to the good cooperation between the teams that worked on the stator. Completing projects like these shows that MP has the necessary engineering knowledge and expertise to peform overhauls on critical equipment and even apply improvements.


Cooperation with Sabic

 »This was a very nice project, mainly due to the pleasant and intensive cooperation with the people at Sabic. We were able to use our experience from previous projects (MP overhauled a hypercompressor motor at Sabic before and built two generators at the Swedish paper manufacturer Smurfit Kappa). Moreover, we have gained more experience by completing this project. Experience we’ll certainly use in the future, because there clearly is a demand in the market for interventions like these », concludes Frank.


More information

For more information about the repair of electric motors, visit our e-motor page. If you would to know more about the maintenance of high voltage motors or our engineering capabilities, please contact us through the form below:

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Revision and rewinding of high voltage motors

Maintenance Partners has decades of experience with the maintenance and rewinding of high voltage motors. The work for high voltage motors can be divided into onsite inspections and workshop repairs.


Onsite inspections

The first inspections for high voltage motors are usually carried out on site. Dismantling the high voltage motor is usually not necessary, because we can make a “technical snapshot” using endoscopy or non-destructive material testing. The motor’s isolation value motor is determined by high voltage measurements such as DLA-measurements and Partial Discharge (PD or partial discharge) measurements. These measurements result show a clear picture of the motor’s condition and offer an indication of the remaining lifetime.

An extensive inspection can be carried out if more detailed information is required about the condition of the motor. For these extensive inspections, end-plates need to be removed to allow for elaborate electrical measurements and mechanical inspections. As part of an extensive inspection, we also perform small repairs on the windings and isolation of both the rotor and stator.

Online Monitoring

Apart from onsite inspections, Maintenance Partners also offers the option to monitor the condition of the motor while it is in operation by using online monitoring. The advantage of online monitoring is, that the motor will be measured 24 hours a day and that we can intervene if necessary.

Repairs in the workshop

If the inspections show that the operational reliability of the high voltage motor can no longer be guaranteed, an on site inspection is not enough.

During a standard revision, the motor is be cleaned and dismantled. In addition, all seals and bearings are replaced.

Rewinding of high voltage motors

In case of severe aging or damage to the windings, the only solution is to rewind the motor in most cases. The lead time for rewinding high voltage motors is often shorter than the delivery time for a replacement motor. Before we can start winding the high voltage motors, the coils have to be completely measured and reverse engineered.

Apart from winding high voltage motors in the workshop, we can also take care of the revision and replacement of laminated cores. By using the latest materials, our engineering department can improve the efficiency and life expectancy of the high voltage motor.

When the winding is finished, the motor is assembled and the mechanical and electrical aspects are checked in detail. At this stage, ultrasonic and ELCID tests are used.

Winding of a 12 Megawatt stator

An example of one of our projects is the winding of a 12 Megawatt stator for a Dutch customer. For more information about this project we recommend reading the article on our website.


For more information, call us at +32 (0)3 744 1501 or send us a message:

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MH Power Systems: MHI and Hitachi join forces

As of February 1, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd and Hitachi Ltd have joined forces in thermal power generation systems. To do so, the new company Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (or MH Power Systems) has been founded. The new company will focus on all power industry related activities. MHI owns a share of 65% of the new company and Hitachi is the owner of the remaining 35%. 


MH Power Systems, a powerful player

MH Power Systems combines the strengths of both Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Hitachi, this results in a powerful player in the areas of:

  • GTCC (Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plants)
  • IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plants)
  •  Boiler & Turbines Generation Plants
  • Geothermal Power Plant
  • Gas turbines
  • Boilers
  • Steam turbines
  • Generators
  • Power Generating Plant Peripheral Equipment
  • Fuel Cells (SOFC)



MP: Service and contacts unchanged

Maintenance Partners will continue to be your partner for the maintenance of all mechanical and electrical rotating equipment from 0,55kW up to 100MW. Besides this, your contacts in MP will also remain the same.

On the mid- to long term the engineering support and service on Hitachi rotating equipment can be extended. This allows us to further fulfill our strategy of being a flexible service company with OEM support.


The main change can be found in Maintenance Partners’ logo. In the new logo ‘’a Group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, ltd’’ is replaced by  »Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Group ». Soon, we will start implementing the new logo. The new logo will look as follows:


This year the logo above will appear on our communication such as letterheads, vans and signs.


We look forward to this new chapter in our history and are ready for a bright future with Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems!


More information

If you have any questions regarding Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems or MP’s services, please contact us through +32 (0)3 744 1501 or our contact page.


Special Delivery: Antonov An-124 Transports 120MW Generator Rotor

Tuesday November 19 is a memorable day for two companies in the port of Antwerp. Maintenance Partners and Silvertrans have joined forces to transport a turbogenerator rotor with an Antonov An-124 cargo plane from India to Belgium.

Antonov - Turbogenerator - Maintenance Partners 001a






The rotor is part of a 120MW Westinghouse generator that is being used for power generation in the Middle East. The generator is driven by a gas turbine. With a length of 9 meters and a weight of 38 tonnes, it is a rotor of considerable size.

On Tuesday November 19 at 11h03, the Antonov An-124 landed at Brussels Airport. After unloading and customs clearance, the rotor was immediately transported to the Maintenance Partners workshop in Zwijndrecht for repairs.

The Ukrainian cargo plane Antonov An-124 carried the cargo of 47.300 kg (rotor including its canister) from India to Belgium. This plane has been chartered, because the rotor is damaged and the generator rotor is essential for power generation.

Rotor Repair: 75 days, 24/7

The Zwijndrecht workshop has the specific compentences, required to successfully complete such complex electro technical projects.

After the rotor has been delivered to the Zwijndrecht workshop, a team of specialists and engineers will work for 75 days and 7 days a week on the rotor. On average, 5 to 6 people are working continuously on the rotor during the project. During the project, the rotor’s insulation system is repaired. After this, the rotor will also be balanced at high speed.


Interview Kanaal-Z (Dutch)


Source: Kanaal-Z

Unique Project

For Maintenance Partners, this is a unique project that allows us to show our expertise and compentences in electrical repairs. The transport is not just unique for Maintenance Partners, but also for our partner Silvertrans and the Zaventem airport. We have cooperated with a company nearby, allowing for a smooth cooperation between both companies.


News items & Interviews

The Belgian media have also covered the rotor’s transport. Articles and news items have been published by different media, including Kanaal-Z, Het Laatste Nieuws en de Standaard.Silvertrans has released a series of photos showing the transport.

Would you like to learn more about our rotor repair capabilities or about electrical maintenance? Contact us at +32 (0) 744 1501 or visit our contact page.


Wikkelen grote bedrijfskritische stator gestart

Vrijdag 15 november werd een zeer grote stator geleverd in onze werkplaats in Zwijndrecht. Hiermee is de aftrap gegeven van het afbouwen van een motor van 12 megawatt die bij een Nederlandse klant een bedrijfskritische hypercompressor aandrijft. Met een breedte van 6,3 meter en een hoogte van 5,2 meter is het een motor van zeer groot formaat en bijzondere specificaties:

Type Wisselstroom
Vermogen 12 megawatt
Spanning 10 kilovolt
Toerental 32 polig / 188 rpm
Bescherming Ex (non sparking)

Deelontlading in bestaande stator

De bestaande stator wordt vervangen, omdat er door middel van partial discharge metingen deelontlading gemeten is. Dit is een indicatie van slijtage of veroudering van de isolatie en kan leiden tot uitstoot van ozongas wat op lange termijn een potentieel gevaar is voor de werkomgeving. Bovendien is ozon een zeer agressief gas en tast het de isolatie verder aan, wat het verouderingsproces van het isolatiemateriaal versnelt.



De aangedreven hypercompressor is een bedrijfskritische machine en is noodzakelijk voor de productie van de klant. Omdat de hypercompressor en motor onmisbaar zijn, is er gekozen om een nieuwe stator te bouwen met exact dezelfde afmetingen en specificaties en de stator te vervangen om de productie zo kort mogelijk stil te leggen.


Stator afbouwen volgens Ex specificaties

Het afbouwen bestaat de komende maanden uit het wikkelen van de stator en het aanbrengen van de isolatie. Doordat de motor geïnstalleerd is in een explosiegevaarlijke omgeving wordt de stator volgens Ex specificaties opgeleverd. Om de beschermingsgraad van de motor te verzekeren volgt DEKRA (het voormalige Kema) gedurende het proces of het afbouwen van de stator volgens de Ex normen verloopt.

In het eerste kwartaal van 2014 wordt de stator getransporteerd naar de site van de klant. Hier zal de stator worden geplaatst, vervolgens wordt de originele rotor geïnstalleerd en de motor opgeleverd. Na oplevering kan de motor weer jaren veilig en betrouwbaar draaien.

Wilt u meer informatie over het herwikkelen van motoren of reparaties van Ex equipment? Contacteer dan ons dan op +32 (0) 3 744 1501


Additional Machining Capabilities: New 20T milling- and boring machine

On Wednesday October 30, our new horizontal milling- and boring machine type WHN 13 CNC TOS Varnsdorf was commissioned in our Zwijndrecht workshop. This new machine further completes our machining capabilities.

TOS Varnsdorf WHN13

Specifications TOS WHN 13

The first model of this machine was introduced in 1969. Currently over 2000 milling- and boring machines of this type have been manufactured and installed around the world. The specifications of the TOS Varnsdorf WHN 13 CNC are:

Feed range

  • X 3500mm
  • Y 2500mm
  • Z 1600mm
  • Spindle stroke 800mm

Extended table 1800 x 2500mm

Heidenhain iTNC530

Maximum workpiece weight 20 000kg


  • Milling head
  • Facing head

Read all information on the new milling- and boring machine at TOS Varnsdorf’s website.

Additional Machining Capabilities

This investment allows us to machine large pieces with a maximum weight of 20 tonnes in our Zwijndrecht workshop. The milling- and boring machine can be used to machine:

Casings & Stators

  • Electro motors
  • Compressors
  • Turbines
  • Generators
  • Pumps
  • Gearboxes


Pressure vessels

Crane parts




Below you find a number of examples of the machining capabilities of the new milling- and boring machine:

One-Stop-Shop for machining

The new milling- and boring machine extends our machining capabilities and fits within Maintenance Partners’ one stop shop principle. Our existing lathes and balancing machines up to 100T always allow for a solution for your machining needs.

Would you like more information on our machining capabilities or a quotiation? Contact our sales department at +32 (0) 3 744 1501

First IECEx-03 certified workshop in Belgium

As of August 13 2013, Maintenance Partners Belgium has obtained IECEx-03 certification for repairs of electrical and mechanical Ex rotating equipment.  Big news, as Maintenance Partners Belgium is the first company in Belgium to obtain the IECEx-03 certifcate.

 The MP The Netherlands workshop Rotterdam has been IECEx-03 certified since 2011.


IECEx-03, what does it mean?

Ex environments are usually located near flammable fluids, vapers gasses or flammable dust in quantities that are sufficient to cause a fire or explosion. In these environments, the use of Ex equipment is necessary to ensure safe operations.

During the certification process, the Zwijndrecht workshop was audited on the competences of employees and the workshop. In addition, internal and external audits regularly monitor the follow op of the IECEx-03 standard.

By obtaining this certification, the Zwijndrecht workshop has become an IECEx-03 Certified Service Facility. This means that all types of rotating equipment (electrical and mechanical, regardless of make or brand) can be maintained, overhauled or repaired according to strict regulations and in a safe way. Besides this, the IECEx-03 certificate is also valid for works on site at our customers.

Protection Methods

The IECEx-03 certificate allows Maintenance Partners to repair equipment that has been certified according to the following protection methods

  • Ex e       Increased Safety
  • Ex d       Flameproof Enclosure
  • nA          Non Sparking
  • Ex c        Constructional safety
  • Ex b       Monitoring of ignition sources
  • Ex d       Flameproof enclosure
  • Ex fr       Limitation of flow (gas-tight enclosure)
  • Ex k        Liquid immersion
  • Ex p       Pressure
  • Ex tD     Protection by enclosure
Repairs of Ex equipment? The IECEx-03 standard ensures maintenance is performed according to strict standards. Electrical as well as Mechanical Ex equipment.

Where can Ex equipment be found?

Ex equipment can be found in many industries, including the following:

  • Gas distribution
  • Sugar
  • Wastewater and sludge treatment
  • Offshore platforms
  • Oil refineries
  • Chemistry
  • Grain and coal handling
  • Energy

Why IECEx-03?

The objective of the IECEx System is to facilitate international trade in equipment and services for use in explosive atmospheres, while maintaining the required level of safety. The IECEx-03 standard has been developed because users of ATEX equipment should prove that maintenance is performed by competent personnel.

For LV and HV electrical motors and generators, Maintenance Partners Belgium is already certified by ISSEP and ABB. The ISSEP certification is valid in Belgium and the ABB certificate is valid for equipment manufactured by ABB. Besides this, there are also a number of differences between ATEX and IECEx (for example, regulated by industry, certified workshops, valid outside Europe).

The IECEx-03 certifcate is an internationally recognized standard and is not limited to any type of equipment or brand. As a result, the existing certifications for explosive environments are complemented, this expands the range of Maintenance Partners’ services on Ex equipment.

Certainty & Safety

The IECEx-03 standard for Certified Service Facilities provides users of ATEX equipment the certainty that maintenance is always carried out according to the standard and by competent personnel. The safety of the equipment is therefore also ensured after repair.

Do you want to know more about or solutions for Ex equipment? Contact us through the info page or call us at +32 (0)3 744 1501.

Rewinding of Canned Motor Pumps

Canned Motor Pumps

A common problem with canned motor pumps is that the winding gets damaged when the pump fails. The delivery time for new pumps of this type is usually several months, but rewinding canned motor pumps can be finished within two weeks in most cases.

Rewinding of Canned Motor Pumps

lassen canned motor pomp

This type of pump is submerged in fluid, therefore it is important that the pomp is hermetically sealed. Rewinding canned motor pumps demands specific knowledge and experience to ensure reliability after repairs. Maintenance Partners repairs according to the following scope:

  • Testing of pump stator in test bench
  • Disassembly of bushing
  • Recording winding data
  • Sandblasting
  • Making new coils
  • Isolating Stator
  • Supplying seals (depending on product)
  • Rewinding of the pump
  • Welding and installing of stainless steel bushing
  • Pressure testing
  • Testing of the welds
  • Testing of stator in test bench

Benefits: Quality and Lead time

Maintenance Partners has 30 years of experience in repairing canned motor pumps. Our clients from the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries are very satisfied with the lead times and quality that MP delivers on canned motor pumps.

Contact us

More information on repairs of canned motor pumps? Call us at +32 (0)3 744 1501 or send us a message:

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Replacing a generator in a 110 meter tall wind turbine?

Replacing a generator in a 110 meter tall wind turbine? MP wind has what it takes to do it. It happened in St Pierre de Maille, France. Olivier Dewez tells the story.

Precision work at 110 meters

Olivier Dewez: “We have a long-term service contract with a five wind turbines wind farm in the region of Charentes in France. A 2.5 MW Siemens Winergy generator appeared to have suffered some damage to the rotor and stator. One little problem: that wind turbine is 110 m tall! We had to dismount the damaged generator and replace it with a new one – all of that in very difficult circumstances, given the very narrow opening in the wind turbine nacelle and the weight of 9.5 tonnes of the generator.“ The team of MP Wind did the job in two days, a day for dismantling the existing generator and installation of the new one and one day to connect it and do the testing.


Experience and expertise in the wind energy sector

That MP Wind was able to do this job successfully and so quickly, has everything to do with our extensive experience in repair and overhaul of generators. This enables MP Wind to offer a total service package for generators. This package includes both Field Service (General inspections, Diagnosis and Revisions) and Repair & Maintenance (rewinding, stators and rotors, re-engineering).

Ready for the future

“With this job Maintenance Partners once again proves that it is ready for the future in the field of services to the wind energy sector. The technical tour de force in France gave us extra experience and knowledge on turnkey services to major components, which adds up to the preventive and corrective services we are already offering. Overall, it has been a great experience for our team, especially the cooperation with French colleagues and partners. And very encouraging for the future wind energy business of Maintenance Partners”, Oliver Dewez concludes.

Vous voulez en savoir plus sur les systèmes Condition Monitoring et Servomoteurs? Visitez-nous à Indumation à Courtrai, le 24-25-26 Avril 2013

Visitez notre stand (# H2 TTM04) pendant Indumation à Kortrijk Xpo, les 24, 25 & 26 avril 2013 et découvrez les possibilités dans le domaine des Servomoteurs et la manière dont les systèmes de surveillance peuvebt contribuer à améliorer les coûts d’entretien des machines tournantes.


Notre labo servo fourni une solution fiable pour l’entretien, les réparations et les ajustements de toutes marques et types de servomoteurs. Nous sommes également en mesure de fournir des pièces d’origine ainsi que de fabriquer des pièces de rechange par ingénierie inverse.


Le but de notre plate-forme de CMS est de fiabiliser la surveillance à distance du matériel.  Cela est possible en réglant automatiquement la collecte de données sur le comportement de rotation dans une base de données centrale.  Le CMS peut suggérer le programme d’entretien optimal et éviter les coûts de maintenance futiles lorsque cela est possible. La plate-forme de surveillance à distance est accessible via un interface web et est adapté à tous les types et tailles de rotation équipement.  Les paramètres suivants sont pris en compte par le CMS:

– Vibrations

– Shock Pulse

– Thermographie (Sensores et infrarouge)

– ultrasons

– Les paramètres de processus

– Météo

L’entrée est gratuite si vous vous enregistrez sur avec votre code d’enregistrement (645) ou cliquez sur l’image ci-dessous:

Alles weten over CMS en Servomotoren? Bezoek ons op Indumation in Kortrijk op 24-25-26 April 2013 / Vous voulez en savoir plus sur les systèmes Condition Monitoring et Servomoteurs? Visitez-nous à Indumation à Courtrai, le 24-25-26 Avril 2013
Alles weten over CMS en Servomotoren? Bezoek ons op Indumation in Kortrijk op 24-25-26 April 2013 / Vous voulez en savoir plus sur les systèmes Condition Monitoring et Servomoteurs? Visitez-nous à Indumation à Courtrai, le 24-25-26 Avril 2013

Maintenance 2013 – Brussels Expo


Cette année Maintence Partners participe au salon « Maintenance 2013 », la bourse pour l’entretien et la gestion d’actif dans l’industrie. La bourse se déroule du mercredi 20 mars au jeudi 21 mars. Vous nous trouverez sur le stand C031.
Grâce au code d’enregistrement 760, vous pouvez vous enregistrer et recevoir un badge qui vous permettra de visiter gratuitement cette bourse. Cliquez sur la page d’enregistrement de la bourse.

Informations pratiques :

Lieu :
Brussels Expo

Belgieplein 1 / Place de Belgique 1

1020 Brussel / Bruxelles

Parking C

Heures d’ouverture :

Mercredi 20/03 09:30-19:00

Jeudi 21/03 09:30-17:00

Plus d’infos sur le site d’ Easyfairs.

Nous espérons pouvoir vous rencontrer pendant la foire.

Motor Upgrade to 800KW

Maintenance Partners has recently received an order for the upgrade of a 735KW motor to 800KW. The customer intends to increase productioncapacity with this upgrade.

Acec AV8022 acec motor 735kw
6000 Volt
87 A
1500 RPM

The solution and the technical calculations (incl. power usage before and after) made the customer chose for MP. Contact us for more information: sales (a t) or +32 (0)3 744 1501

Fan Overhaul 12x

Rotating | Chemical | Europe | Belgium |Antwerp
Fan Overhaul | 45 KW – 110 KW
2-4-2012 | 25-05-2012

Shutdown for fans was planned, but the customer wanted to compare prices of several suppliers. MP proved to be the best solution. 1 fan was overhauled as a testcase. This job was performed successfully and MP received order for 12 fans within 6 weeks in the Zwijndrecht workshop.


  • Dismantling
  • Cleaning
  • Balancing
  • Bearing and bearing block replacement
  • Painting

Besides this, all tensioning mounts and motors were fully overhauled

Result for customer: Cost saving and flexibility
1 partner for all electrical and mechanical works
Significant cost saving compared to original supplier
12 fans overhauled within original shutdown planning –> flexibility

Result for customer: Cost saving and flexibility

  • 1 partner for all electrical and mechanical works
  • Significant cost saving compared to original supplier
  • 12 fans overhauled within original shutdown planning –> flexibility

Relocation of registered offices

As of 1-1-2013, our registered office has been relocated to Vitshoekstraat 6, 2070 Zwijndrecht – Belgium.

The current contact details are:

Vitshoekstraat 6 – Haven 1035
2070 Zwijndrecht – Belgium
Tel. : +32 (0)3 203 94 01
Fax : +32 (0)3 213 08 92
BTW-nr : BE 0475 899 519

Complicated Pump Repair

Maintenance Partners The Netherlands recently overhauled a large pump at a refinery in the Netherlands, resulting in a satisfied customer.

In competition with several OEMs, MPNL was asked to bid on the revision of an Ingersoll Rand pump, Type 6x16JL.  “We made it, despite stiff competition, thanks to our price, flexibility and proven quality. It was no small deal, because the pump was severely damaged.”

Complicated repairs

After disassembly and inspection of the pump it showed that the impeller had completely seized in the pump over. MPNL decided to saw up the pump shaft and to remove the impeller completely from the pump in order to minimize further damage tothe pump cover. But NDT examination of the pump cover pointed out that the heart of the cover was torn in several places.

“To fix this, we proposed that the heart of the pump cover be completely milled out. After we had determined which materials we should use, we manufactured a completely new (oversized) insert, mounted it in the milled out pump cover and welded it. After that the insert was machined entirely in in the right sizes, in  accordance with the drawing. “

Creativity, flexibility and quality

The MPNL team also made a new shaft and sleeves. This way, they could assemble the spare impeller that the customer had supplied , after which the pump was mounted in overtime. Because the customer wanted to equip the pump with double mechanical seals, the seal chambers were modified.

After placement on site, MPNL assisted in thestart-up and commissioning of the pump. That went smoothly. “Following this overhaul, we have received many compliments from employees and from the project team.

Our trumps, such as flexibility, inventiveness and quality of the work performed, were highlighted”. “All in all, the customer has realized substantial time and cost savings realized by having the pump cover repaired instead of replaced, which undoubtedly would have been more expensive and would have taken more time”.

Succesful relocation of 2 Stahl Laval turbines

With the successful relocation of two Stahl Laval steam turbines Maintenance Partners has not only acquired a wealth of experience. We have also proven that we are running a well-oiled machine in which engineering, workshop, field team and lots of talent are working together perfectly. The customer recuperated two radial Stahl Laval steam turbines, each coupled to 2 generators with a total capacity of 9 MW. Maintenance Partners was asked to re-install the units in the new building in the Walloon region.

“As in any industry, this customer is trying to be as selfsupporting as possible with regard to its energy needs. From their production process, they recover much energy that can be used to provide additional steam. So, the steam turbines from the closed came in handy.”

Experience for the future

Early this year, MP started dismantling the two turbines. After inspection, overhaul and repair of all parts, everything was transported to the new location early March. Early May, work at the new building had sufficiently proceeded as to begin with the installation of the turbines. Early September, they could start up both turbines at the new location.

‘’This job yields a wealth of experience with the reolocation of Stahl Laval turbines. We already had the necessary experience with the overhaul and rewinding of such machines, but a relocation always brings up extra issues.Among other things, the axial and radial alignment of both rotor combinations is very critical, given that they run together with only a few tenths of clearance, and a speed difference of 6000 rev/min. With this experience, we completed a large piece of the puzzle with regard to Stahl Laval turbine-generators. This should enable us to meet every demand associated with this type of machine. “

Control of process

Moreover, this job proves that the various departments of MP, each with their own skills, are working together perfectly. Engineering did all the preparations and studies, and offered support to the workshop and on-site. All preparatory work was done in the perfectly equipped workshop, offering all the necessary skills. And for the work on-site MP could count on a highly experienced field team. “This means that we can do everything ourselves from start to finish, so we have full control over all operations. This is vital when working on critical machinery, since the slightest mistake may have disastrous consequences. In this domain we are all geared up for the future “

Wind News: Signalisation de l’aviation

En plus des révisions et réparations des boîtes de vitesses, des générateurs et des transformateurs, MP Wind propose désormais la commercialisation et le suivi de feux de signalisation aviation. Les feux de signalisation exigent une attention particulière au regard de l’évolution de la réglementation. Ces contraintes réglementaires peuvent varier selon votre situation géographique.

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M701F Comprehensive Rotor Inspection completed in MP Rotorshop

On May 22, a 74 ton M701F gas turbine rotor arrived at MP’s rotor shop in Zwijndrecht for a comprehensive rotor inspection preparations. The rotor measures 12m in length and is part of an 800MW class combined cycle power plant located East of London. The rotor shop team completed the inspection successfully and two weeks before the original target date.

Comprehensive Rotor Inspection

During a regular scheduled rotor inspection, visual tests, penetrant tests and magnetic particle tests are conducted. However, many parts of the rotor are not accessible, because the rotor can’t be disassembled on site.

Works executed

The comprehensive rotor inspection requires the rotor to be fully disassembled. This allows critical rotor components (such as curvic couplings, rotor bolts and air separators) to be cleaned and inspected for wear, material degradation or cracking. In addition to cleaning and inspecting, works on the rotor included:

–          Run out measurement

–          Disassembly of turbine discs

–          Machining

–          Low Speed Balancing

–          Complete assembly

–          Run out measurement


After completing the CRI, the rotor was transported back to the United Kingdom. Well in time to be rebladed and re-installed in the gas turbine. Meanwhile, planning and preparations for another comprehensive rotor inspection are already on-going as the second M701F rotor is scheduled to be shipped to MP’s rotorshop in Zwijndrecht in the third quarter of 2012.

This CRI has improved the reliability of M701F rotor through OEM qualifications.  Since it has completed earlier than scheduled, the customer was able to shorten the outage period, thus to maximize the power generation availability.

For more information, please contact us at rotorshop (at)

Maintenance Partners celebrates its 10th anniversary and the opening of the all new rotorshop with a great party!

On February 3 and 4, Maintenance Partners celebrated its 10th anniversary and the opening of the all new rotorshop in Zwijndrecht with a great party! We would like to thank all attendees for joining us at this great event

Click here voor the photos of the reception on Friday and here for the photos of the evening event on February 3.

For the photos of February 4, please click here

The photos are available on request by sending an email to marketing ( at )

Candidature spontanée

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Acquisition of the company Blokland

Maintenance Partners has the pleasure to announce the acquisition of the company Blokland.

Blokland is specialized in re-engineering and the production of precision parts and mechanical devices. The company employs 5 people.

Blokland is a dynamic company and is – thanks to their experience of many years – a technical asset for Maintenance Partners.

We want to welcome all employees of Blokland and we are convinced we will start a successful cooperation.

Technorally 2011!

2011 Maintenance Partners est également impliqué dans l’Agoria Technorally! Nos sites à Gand, Kuurne, Zwijndrecht et Naninne sont ouverts le mardi, Mars 1 pour les étudiants de l’enseignement technique et professionnel.

Techno Rally est une initiative d’Agoria Contracting & Maintenance et Agoria Montage & Grues. Les quatre dernières éditions, un total de 2400 élèves ont participé, répartis sur plusieurs sociétés en Belgique. En 2011, il ya un large éventail de sites et d’entreprises qui peuvent être visités.

Vous voulez un de nos sites, s’il vous plaît écrivez votre classe sur le site Techno Rally.