M701F Comprehensive Rotor Inspection completed in MP Rotorshop

On May 22, a 74 ton M701F gas turbine rotor arrived at MP’s rotor shop in Zwijndrecht for a comprehensive rotor inspection preparations. The rotor measures 12m in length and is part of an 800MW class combined cycle power plant located East of London. The rotor shop team completed the inspection successfully and two weeks before the original target date.

Comprehensive Rotor Inspection

During a regular scheduled rotor inspection, visual tests, penetrant tests and magnetic particle tests are conducted. However, many parts of the rotor are not accessible, because the rotor can’t be disassembled on site.

Works executed

The comprehensive rotor inspection requires the rotor to be fully disassembled. This allows critical rotor components (such as curvic couplings, rotor bolts and air separators) to be cleaned and inspected for wear, material degradation or cracking. In addition to cleaning and inspecting, works on the rotor included:

–          Run out measurement

–          Disassembly of turbine discs

–          Machining

–          Low Speed Balancing

–          Complete assembly

–          Run out measurement


After completing the CRI, the rotor was transported back to the United Kingdom. Well in time to be rebladed and re-installed in the gas turbine. Meanwhile, planning and preparations for another comprehensive rotor inspection are already on-going as the second M701F rotor is scheduled to be shipped to MP’s rotorshop in Zwijndrecht in the third quarter of 2012.

This CRI has improved the reliability of M701F rotor through OEM qualifications.  Since it has completed earlier than scheduled, the customer was able to shorten the outage period, thus to maximize the power generation availability.

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