Special Delivery: Antonov An-124 Transports 120MW Generator Rotor

Tuesday November 19 is a memorable day for two companies in the port of Antwerp. Maintenance Partners and Silvertrans have joined forces to transport a turbogenerator rotor with an Antonov An-124 cargo plane from India to Belgium.

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The rotor is part of a 120MW Westinghouse generator that is being used for power generation in the Middle East. The generator is driven by a gas turbine. With a length of 9 meters and a weight of 38 tonnes, it is a rotor of considerable size.

On Tuesday November 19 at 11h03, the Antonov An-124 landed at Brussels Airport. After unloading and customs clearance, the rotor was immediately transported to the Maintenance Partners workshop in Zwijndrecht for repairs.

The Ukrainian cargo plane Antonov An-124 carried the cargo of 47.300 kg (rotor including its canister) from India to Belgium. This plane has been chartered, because the rotor is damaged and the generator rotor is essential for power generation.

Rotor Repair: 75 days, 24/7

The Zwijndrecht workshop has the specific compentences, required to successfully complete such complex electro technical projects.

After the rotor has been delivered to the Zwijndrecht workshop, a team of specialists and engineers will work for 75 days and 7 days a week on the rotor. On average, 5 to 6 people are working continuously on the rotor during the project. During the project, the rotor’s insulation system is repaired. After this, the rotor will also be balanced at high speed.


Interview Kanaal-Z (Dutch)


Source: Kanaal-Z

Unique Project

For Maintenance Partners, this is a unique project that allows us to show our expertise and compentences in electrical repairs. The transport is not just unique for Maintenance Partners, but also for our partner Silvertrans and the Zaventem airport. We have cooperated with a company nearby, allowing for a smooth cooperation between both companies.


News items & Interviews

The Belgian media have also covered the rotor’s transport. Articles and news items have been published by different media, including Kanaal-Z, Het Laatste Nieuws en de Standaard.Silvertrans has released a series of photos showing the transport.

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