Rewinding of Canned Motor Pumps

Canned Motor Pumps

A common problem with canned motor pumps is that the winding gets damaged when the pump fails. The delivery time for new pumps of this type is usually several months, but rewinding canned motor pumps can be finished within two weeks in most cases.

Rewinding of Canned Motor Pumps

lassen canned motor pomp

This type of pump is submerged in fluid, therefore it is important that the pomp is hermetically sealed. Rewinding canned motor pumps demands specific knowledge and experience to ensure reliability after repairs. Maintenance Partners repairs according to the following scope:

  • Testing of pump stator in test bench
  • Disassembly of bushing
  • Recording winding data
  • Sandblasting
  • Making new coils
  • Isolating Stator
  • Supplying seals (depending on product)
  • Rewinding of the pump
  • Welding and installing of stainless steel bushing
  • Pressure testing
  • Testing of the welds
  • Testing of stator in test bench

Benefits: Quality and Lead time

Maintenance Partners has 30 years of experience in repairing canned motor pumps. Our clients from the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries are very satisfied with the lead times and quality that MP delivers on canned motor pumps.

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