Reciprocating Compressor Maintenance from A-Z

Earlier this year we were contacted by a refinery about a failing reciprocating compressor. This reciprocating compressor is a critical part of customer’s production process, so every unplanned shutdown leads to losses in production.

Zuigercompressor 590


Maintenance Partners proposed to perform an audit on the reciprocating compressor to determine the cause of failing. During these audits, vibration measurements, visual inspections and checks of the compressor’s foundation are performed. Besides this, the maintenance planning, technical data and use of wearable parts are reviewed. These comprehensive compressor audits allow us to draw up the compressor’s condition and propose potential solutions.

The audit showed that an overhaul of the reciprocating compressor was necessary to prevent wear of  moving parts and auxiliaries would lead to an unplanned shutdown. Additionally, it was advised to renew the compressor’s foundation.

To ensure continuous operation, the customer decided to schedule the overhaul and foundation renewal in this autumn.


Urgent overhaul: Back in operation after 28 days

A regular check after the audit showed that the maximum allowed vibrations were exceeded, caused by a failing foundation. Action on short notice was required to prevent a breakdown of the reciprocating compressor. The scheduled overhaul was performed 4 months earlier than originally planned. Within a month, the major overhaul and foundation renewal were completed and the reciprocating compressor was back in operation after 28 days.


Extension of Maintenance Intervals

Meanwhile, possibilities are evaluated to extend the time between maintenance intervals from 8000 running hours to 16000 running hours. This extension can be achieved by upgrading wearable parts, adjusting filter systems and installing condition monitoring equipment. For the customer, this means that the reciprocating compressor can be kept in operation longer, resulting directly in increased production.


One-stop-shop for reciprocating compressor maintenance

This case shows that Maintenance Partners can offer total solutions for reciprocating compressor maintenance, from performing audits to full overhauls and proposals for reliability improvement. Besides overhauls, field works and audits you can also contact us for foundation renewals, diagnostic maintenance, condition monitoring and spare parts. Our services are not limited to a single brand or make, we can work on any brand of reciprocating compressor.

Spare Parts

It is often difficult to find the right spare parts for reciprocating compressors. Moreover, finding spare parts gets more difficult as the equipment gets older. In many cases, the original parts can not be delivered within the required planning.

A solution for this problem can be offered by re-engineering, in addition this can also allow for improvements to the original part. In our engineering department, we have combined all the necessary knowledge and expertise to perform projects like these completely, from drawing to part manufacturing. This allows us to deliver spare parts with shorter lead times and a high quality.



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