Prima Project

PrIMA project

The Process Industry Maintenance Academy (PrIMA) is a reaction to the shortage of maintenance personnel in the process industry. PrIMA offers a integrated training at a high level in which future maintenance technicians are trained obtain  the necessary competences.

Practical and theoretic knowledge is gained through a formal learning plan. Furthermore, safety (working safely, obtaining an SCC certification) and general attitude (ie. usage of PPEs, notifying of absence) are included with built in evaluations.

In the first months of the PrIMA education, the participants mainly get to know the company. This provides a clear view of what will be required during the ”do” phase. The final 6 months are dedicated to finalizing the learning plan and learning/improving job specific techniques by learning on the job.

Although the road is long, the PrIMA project offers a win-win situation for participants that are looking for a job and companies that are seeking technically talented employees.

Since the start of the PrIMA project in 2012, Maintenance Partners, founding partner of PrIMA, has already trained and hired 6 new employees.

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