Winding of large critical stator started

On Friday November 15, a very large stator was delivered in our Zwijndrecht workshop. This delivery is the beginning of building a 12 MW electro motor that drives a critical hypercompressor at one of our customers in The Netherlands. With a width of 6.3 meters and a height of 5.2 meters, this is a motor of considerable dimensions and unique specifications:

Type Alternating Current
Power 12 megawatts
Voltage 10 kilovolt
Speed 32 pole / 188 rpm
Protection Ex (non sparking)

Partial Discharge in Existing Stator

The existing stator is replaced, because measurements have detected partial discharges. Partial Discharges are a sign of wear or aging of the insulation and can lead to ozone emissions. The ozone emissions are a potential hazard for the working environment. Moreover, ozone is a highly aggressive gas that affects the insulation material and speeds up the aging process of the material.



The driven hypercompressor is a critical machine and is necessary for the customer’s production. Because the hypercompressor is highly critical, the customer has decided to build a new stator with the exact same dimensions and specifications. The new stator will replace the existing stator in order to reduce production downtime as much as possible.


Stator built according to Ex specifications

In the next months, the stator will be finished. This mainly consists fo winding the stator and applying the insulation. Because the motor is installed in an hazardous environment, the stator will be built according to Ex specifications. To ensure the protection of the motor, DEKRA (the former Kema) will follow up the process to assess if the motor is built according to Ex specifications.

In the first quarter of 2014, the motor will be transported to the customers’ production facility. The stator will be placed, after which the rotor is installed and the motor is commisioned. After commissioning, the motor can run reliably and safely for years.

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