Video: Safe and Easy checking of belt tension using GEMEX

Check the tension of belt driven applications in the safest and easiest way using Gemex! In this video we demonstrate how the belt tension of a fin fan is checked without even stopping the unit:


Gemex offers many advantages over  traditional belt tensioning systems:

Traditional Belt Tensioning Systems

Gemex Belt Tensioning System

◻️ Alignment after every belt change ✅ 1 time alignment
◻️ Difficulty of access ✅ Easy Gemex access, even in height
◻️ Time to change and (re-) adjust belts              ✅ Easy re-adjusting tension with Gemex
◻️ Scaffolding is often required ✅ Scaffolding, if needed, only with belt change
◻️ Life cycle of belts, pulleys and bearings ✅ With Gemex >3 years lifetime of belts, pulleys and bearings is possible
  ✅ Service free system

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