Maintenance Partners offers a full maintenance solution for oil filled and dry transformers. We offer services for distribution and power transformers of all brands, including: 

ACEC BBC Helmke Siemens
AEG Brush Holec Smit
Alstom France Transfo I.E.O. Stromberg
ASEA G.E.C. Pauwels / CG Trafo Union

Assessment & Maintenance Plan

Transformers are low maintenance, but not free of maintenance. To determine the maintenance need of your transformer(s), Maintenance Partners offers an assessment that consists of visual inspections, oil sampling, thermography and electrical measurements.

The assessment is the foundation for a maintenance plan in which the condition and priority of each transformer are decisive for the maintenance frequency and needs.

Transformatoren Maintenance Partners - Preventief Onderhoud - StaalnamePreventive Maintenance

For a safe and reliable operation of transformers, preventive maintenance is a must. This detects problems at an early stage and can prevent further deterioration. Preventive maintenance includes the following tests:

  • Oil sampling + analysis (Oil quality, PCB, furan detection, moist level, …)
  • Electrical measurements (Insulation resistance, Winding resistance, Transformer Turn Ratios, SFRA-Sweep Frequency Response Analysis, IDAX- Tgδ, …)

In addition, accessories and protections are checked (Detection Gas Pressure Temperature, Buchholz, Thermometer & Fans) and silica gel is replaced.

Maintenance & Repairs Onsite

Transformatoren Maintenance Partners - Onderhoud Onsite 460Besides preventive maintenance, we also execute repairs. The following services are offered onsite:

  • Dehumidifying, degassing and filtering of oil using steamliner (up to 7.000 l/h)
  • Refilling or replacing oil
  • Replacing or repairing of accessories
  • Renewing of gaskets (all types)
  • Cleaning of contacts and adjusting torque
  • Replacing of bushings
  • Repairing resin / removing corona
  • Maintenance of tank and conservator: corrosion removal, welding of leaks and repainting
  • SAT (Site Acceptance Test) + report

Transformatoren Maintenance Partners - Reparaties in Werkplaats 460Maintenance & Repairs in workshop

More comprehensive repairs that cannot be executed onsite are performed in our workshops:

  • Full electrical test of transformer
  • Full revision (refurbishment)
  • Repair of hair cracks and corona traces on cast resin transformers
  • Repair of HV/LV windings
  • Repair/renewal of damaged connections
  • Re-clamping of the winding
  • Drying of active part
  • Changing/repairing of tap changers and insulators
  • Full blasting and painting of reservoir
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) + report

Transformatoren Maintenance Partners - IDAX meting 460Testing

Maintenance Partners uses modern testing equipment for complete tests according to the highest standards:

  • Electrical measurements
    • Insulation Resistance
    • Winding Resistance
    • Transformer Ratios
      Transformatoren Maintenance Partners - testen megger 460
    • Tgδ
    • SFRA (Sweep Frequency Response Analysis)
  • Thermography
  • Oil analyses
  • Site Acceptance Test after intervention
  • Factory Acceptance Test after repair

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