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Successful relocation of two Stal Laval steam turbines

Maintenance Partners Stal LavalWith the successful relocation of two Stal Laval steam turbines Maintenance Partners has not only acquired a wealth of experience. We have also proven that we are running a well-oiled machine in which engineering, workshop, field team and lots of talent are working together perfectly.

The customer recuperated two radial Stal Laval steam turbines, each coupled to 2 generators with a total capacity of 9 MW. Maintenance Partners was asked to re-install the units in the new building in the Walloon region.

 “As in any industry, this customer is trying to be as selfsupporting as possible with regard to its energy needs. From their production process, they recover much energy that can be used to provide additional steam. So, the steam turbines from the closed factory came in handy.”

Experience for the future

Early this year, MP started dismantling the two Stal Laval steam turbines. After inspection, overhaul and repair of all parts, everything was transported to the new location early March. Early May, work at the new building had sufficiently proceeded as to begin with the installation of the turbines. Early September, they could start up both turbines at the new location.

‘’This job yields a wealth of experience with the relocation of Stal Laval turbines. We already had the necessary experience with the overhaul and rewinding of such machines, but a relocation always brings up extra issues. Among other things, the axial and radial alignment of both rotor combinations is very critical, given that they run together with only a few tenths of clearance, and a speed difference of 6000 rev/min. With this experience, we completed a large piece of the puzzle with regard to Stal Laval steam turbine generators. This should enable us to meet every demand associated with this type of machine. “

Control of process

Moreover, this job proves that the various departments of MP, each with their own skills, are working together perfectly. Engineering did all the preparations and studies, and offered support to the workshop and on-site. All preparation work was done in the perfectly equipped workshop, offering all the necessary skills. And for the work on-site MP could count on a highly experienced field team. “This means that we can do everything ourselves from start to finish, so we have full control over all operations. This is vital when working on critical machinery, since the slightest mistake may have disastrous consequences. In this domain we are all geared up for the future “

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