AC Motors

To further extand our service, we have made agreements with different partners. This allows is to provide you electromotors in any segment and type:

Standard Motors

Aluminium motors (power: 0.055-95 kW / Sizes: 56-280)
Steel motors (power: 75-630 kW / Sizes: 280-400)
Cast iron motors (power: 0.25-250 kW / Sizes: 71-355)

Proces Performance Motors

Aluminium engines (power: 4-90 kW / Sizes: 112-280)
Cast iron engines (power: 0.25-710 kW / Sizes: 71-400)

Motors for explosive environments

Execution according to EN/IEC
Explosion safety EEx d, EEx de
Sparkling free EEx nA, Ex nA
Increased security EEx e
Dust Ignition Proof IP 65, IP 55
ATEX certified