MP switches to digital invoicing

From now on we offer the possibility to receive invoices digitally. Digital invoices offer numerous advantages, including:

✅ Fast & Efficient

You will receive the invoice as a PDF file in your mailbox immediately after the invoice has been drawn up

✅ Reduction of paperwork

Invoices no longer need to be scanned and can be linked to your accounting package for digital processing and archiving

✅ Contribution to sustainability

Digital invoices are no longer printed or transported. By switching to digital billing, you contribute to the reduction of paper usage and CO2 emissions


How do I receive digital invoices?

Switching to e-invoicing is simple: Simply send us a message using the form below stating the email address to which the e-invoices can be sent. We will then adjust the data in our system and send invoices digitally.

Fields with a * are required.


More information

For more information contact your MP representative or call us at +32 (0) 3 541 7140