Repairs of magnetic couplers for motor driven reels

Maintenance Partners offers a full solution for the inspection, repair and rewinding of magnetic couplers that are used in motor driven reels (gantry cranes, port cranes, loaders, unloaders, stackers, …).

We repair magnetic couplers for marine & offshore clients as well as for industrial customers.

To ensure functionality after the repair, all magnetic couplers are fully tested before installation.


The first step when repairing a magnetic coupler is the inspection, this includes:

  • Torque check
  • Coupling ring inspection
  • Backstop bearing inspection
  • Air gap inspection

When the inspection is finished, an inspection report is drawn up with recommendations for repair. Besides the coupler, Maintenance Partners also offers inspections & repairs of electric motors and gearboxes.


Overhauls or Repairs

After approval of the recommendations for repair, the execution of the repair or overhaul works begins. The scope of work may vary, but can include:

  • Disassembly
  • Inspection and cleaning
  • Assembling (including new bearings and seals)
  • Torque adjustment
  • Painting

The final report is written after testing and includes measurements from before and after the repair. When possible, recommendations for operating, inspecting and maintenance are also included, resulting in more reliable operations and less unforeseen breakdowns.



In case of severe damage to the magnetic coupler, we rewind the inductor. This includes removal of the old windings, cleaning of the inductor housing and installing the new windings. A high quality varnish resin is applied to protect the windings against humidity and corrosion.



All magnetic couplers that are overhauled by Maintenance Partners are thoroughly tested to ensure the quality before re-installing at the customer’s site or vessel.


Exchange Service

When a magnetic coupler breaks down, a spare component might not be immediately available. To keep your equipment up and running, we offer an exchange service for magnetic couplers. The benefit of this service is that a broken coupler can quickly be exchanged for a refurbished one.


Your benefits

Maintenance Partners offers a full alternative to the OEM:

  • Expert in repairing electrical rotating equipment since 1974
  • High Flexibility (24/7)
  • Located near the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Ghent, Zeebrugge, Le Havre, Saint-Nazaire and Bremen
  • Save costs by repairing instead of replacing

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