Interview: The Strength of Engineered Services

Maintenance Partners - Insights - Interview CEO Wim Schelfaut Engineered Services FeaturedTechnological developments rapidly change the jobs of maintenance specialists. How is it possible to put all these developments to the customer’s advantage?

Maintenance Partners (MP), the maintenance specialist in the field of industrial rotating machines for 15 years now, provides more than maintenance, repairs and overhauls. MP provides engineered services, a total maintenance package customised to the customer’s production process and expectations. MP uses modern, state-of-the-art tools for this comprehensive service.

Director Wim Schelfaut: “Many of our customers have machines that are 40 to 50 years old. Old, but high-quality, in other words, which in most cases still work perfectly. The engineered services we offer allow us to optimise the maintenance which means the customer does not have to make major investments in new machines. We draw up an action plan for the maintenance of the existing machines and take into account all parameters that affect the operation of the machine and the production process. In practice this means: no useless, unprofitable repairs but customised solutions and thinking along with the customer.”

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