Inhouse Impeller Design and Manufacturing

Maintenance Partners manufactures open and closed impellers (2D & 3D) as replacement components for centrifugal compressors and pumps. Our state of the art facilities and engineering capabilities enable us to carry out the entire process internally (from scanning, redesigning and modeling to manufacturing). We can supply single impellers as spare parts, but also completely assembled rotors.

Preparation: Disassembly & Engineering

Maintenance Partners Impeller Manufacturing - Incoming 920Disassembly

After reception and dismantling of the compressor rotor in our facilities, a comprehensive non destructive inspection is carried out. Incoming inspections can include material analysis and dye penetrant-, ultrasonic- or magnetic particle testing.

After NDT, a report and a repair proposal are made.

When impellers are irreparable, a proposal is made to supply new impellers based on redesigning and 040_MP-19-05-2015-0040modeling.


Depending on the customer’s needs and rotor application, the proposal can also include modifications and upgrades to improve durability and efficiency. Proposed optimizations are always based on process, operational & maintenance data.

To determine which upgrades are feasible or necessary, our Engineering team uses fluid dynamic software as simulation tool to optimize the design and functionality. Maintenance Partners Impeller Manufacturing - Engineering 460Besides this, a dynamic rotor behavior analysis can be done. The dynamic rotor behavior analysis is based on a computerized simulation that calculates the effects of bearing design, rotor structure and process influences such as temperature, flow and fluid.

Once the customer has agreed to the proposal, new materials are ordered. The engineering phase is completed by writing the manufacturing procedures and drawings.

Manufacturing of impellers

After the engineering phase, the manufacturing procedures and drawings are the foundation for the first step in the production process: the pre-machining of raw materials. Maintenance Partners’ workshop is equipped with state of the art equipment for welding, induction heating and final machining. This allows us to manufacture impellers at high precision.

After final machining, the new impeller(s) and shaft are assembled. Impellers are generally shrink-fitted to the shaft according to pre calculated data considering the effects of interference stresses. Upgrades such as protective coatings can be applied after the rotor is assembled.

Quality Control

The quality of singe impellers is checked by a spin test and non destructive testing (NDT).

In case of a complete rotor, the complete assembly is subject to final non-destructive testing and high speed balancing in our rotorshop. High speed balancing is usually witnessed by the customer.

Maintenance Partners Impeller Manufacturing - High Speed Balancing 920


Onsite Erection works & commissioning

MP can offer complete field services onsite covering mechanical disassembly and assembly works including commissioning.

Why MP?

Our spare parts are manufactured according to the most stringent standards and are 100% compatible. We combine the highest standards of turbo machinery knowledge with an in-depth understanding of material specifications, manufacturing standards and tolerances:

  • Fast delivery
  • Inhouse engineering
  • Inhouse manufacturing
  • Inhouse high speed balancing
  • Onsite installation & commissioning

Learn more: Webinar about Impeller Optimization

We often receive questions about the optimization of impellers and have decided to organize a webinar about this subject. In this webinar we explain a real life case of a compressor impeller that was optimized by MP. Visit this page to view the webinar.

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