GEMEX belt tensioning system increases fan uptime

Maintenance Partners recently carried out a conversion of an electric motor platform at a chemical plant in the Netherlands.

The existing motor platform was replaced by an IEC 315H Gemex system. This type of Gemex is suitable for IEC 315 motors with a weight of +/- 1000KG and consists of 2 separate feet each with a mechanical/hydraulic cylinder, which are hydraulically coupled together.



Reduced Downtime 

This Gemex system supports an electric motor drives an exhaust fan. This extraction fan is essential for safety in the factory. For the customer it is important that the downtime of the extraction fan is reduced to a minimum.

Thanks to the Gemex system, belts  can be changed quickly and safely, without having to re-align the motor. In addition, the correct alignment and belt tension ensures a longer life of v-belts, pulleys and bearings.



Maintenance Partners can make a detailed assessment of all your belt driven applications without any obligation. An inventory is made of the unit in question with a report on the possibilities, costs and ROI. MP takes care of the complete conversion from engineering to installation.

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