April 19 – Successful information evening with Prof. Dr. Eng. Clement Hiel: Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

On April 19, Maintenance Partners had the pleasure and the unique opportunity to invite NASA engineer and professor Clement Hiel for an exclusive presentation.

During the evening, two presentations were held:

  • Performance for Assets: Turning Data into Actionable Intelligence – Jean-Louis Counet
  • Big Data & Artificial Intelligence: Past & Future – Prof. Dr. Eng. Clement Hiel

About Clement Hiel

Internationally renowned engineer Prof. Dr. Eng. Clement Hiel is known for:

Clement Hiel (Melsele, 1952) went to university after school and later became an industrial- and civil engineer.

The combination of a hands-on mentality with theoretic knowledge allowed him to join NASA in 1987 and to become a specialist in composite materials.

About Performance for Assets

The unique Performance for Assets (P4A) platform was developed to centralise, synchronise and analyse all asset data. Each asset is followed by up to 50 self learning models.

These hybrid models  use data that is present in the company. Most available data currently remains unused for analytics. The models provide short and long term acties to increase production, increase uptime, save energy, reduce operational costs or compensate the loss of knowledge.


For more information visit: www.performanceforassets.com


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